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Haval is GWM's new professional SUV brand covering both city and cross-country SUV products. In China, Haval SUV ranked No. 1 in sales volume for 16 consecutive years. In 2018 GWM sold 1,053,039 units in China. As China's SUV leader, Haval launched the new brand logo on March 2013. With professional brand image, Haval is dedicated to SUV segment with the goal of becoming a world first-class SUV brand.

Overview of Haval
As the Chinese SUV leader,. Haval upholds the brand concept of "specialization", focuses on SUV development, and aspires to be a worldwide top SUV expert brand. Great Wall Motor Company Limited (GWM), has been listed among "Forbes Asia Fabulous 50" three times. In March 2014, it made the list of "2013 Most Valuable Chinese Brands", ranking 40th. In 2014,GWM is listed as "Top 100 car brands of the world" , and ranked among "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands".
Strength of R&D
In terms of the technological R&D, Great Wall Motor implements the “Excessive Input” strategy and pays attention to the effective R&D and pursuance of industry leadership. Great Wall Motor is constantly ahead of the industry average level in terms of the R&D expense for individual category and individual model. The Haval New Technical Center, already put into operation, is built by Great Wall Motor with a total investment of RMB 5 billion and is China's largest and the world's first-class finished vehicle Technical center, including five zones: R&D center, prototype center, testing center, modeling center, and data center, with the total building area at 260,000m2.

Global R&D Centers

GWM has set up overseas R&D centers successively in Japan, the United States, Germany, India, Austria and South Korea, building a global R&D layout with Chinese headquarters as the core, covering Europe, Asia and North America.
9 Individual R&D bases
5 Individual R&D centers
Global Map

Corportate Culture

Shaping the Future: Our Commitment to Excellence and Societal Contribution

In more than 20 years of development, the management of GWM always takes the lead in honoring the mission of "surprising customers, improving the well-being of staff, creating value for customers and contributing to the society" and the business philosophy of "making progress every day". By doing so, the Company has developed excellent corporate culture centering on honesty, integrity, creativity and quality that can unite employees, impress customers and attract potential partners, thus providing a permanent driving force for GWM to become an industry legend and realize sustainable and coordinated development. Corporate Spirit: Improving little by little every day. Core Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Development & Sharing. Corporate Positioning: World-Renowned SUV and Pickup Manufacturer. Corporate Brand Concept: Focus, Dedication, Specialization. Corporate Strategy: High-Tech Equipment and High-Performance Design to Support the Creation of High-Quality Products. Strategic Policy: Adhere to Focus and Create Top Quality Products.

Corporate Vision

Pursue high-quality management, build a professional SUV brand and become the world's most dynamic automobile manufacturer. Use innovative technology to provide pleasant and relaxed driving experience and driving pleasure. Provide integrated travel service solutions for users around the world. Protect the global environment, build a beautiful society, and make great contributions to world prosperity and environmental improvement.

Global Sales Layout

In China, HAVAL has more than 1000 4S stores, more than 200 urban exhibition halls, more than 1,500 franchise stores and more than 2,000 outlets. The coverage rate of HAVAL brand in prefecture-level administrative regions is 100%, and that in county-level sales market is as high as 80%.

Globally, HAVAL has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Russia, Australia, South Africa, India and the United States, and formed sales network in more than 60 countries and regions. With more than 500 distributors, HAVAL ranks the first among Chinese brands in auto export volume in more than 30 countries.

Global Production Layout

In China, HAVAL has built 8 manufacturing bases in Baoding, Xushui, Tianjin, Yongchuan in Chongqing, Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu, Rizhao in Shandong, Pinghu in Zhejiang, and Taizhou in Jiangsu. In overseas markets, HAVAL owns KD factories in Ecuador, Malaysia, Tunisia and Bulgaria, and Russia Tula HAVAL factory which has been put into production in 2019.

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