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The Jolion S is fitted with a new generation 1.5-litre engine that features an upgraded turbocharger. This Performance Pack engine offers increases of 25kW and 60Nm above that of the HAVAL Jolion.

HAVAL Jolion


New generation engine

The Jolion S is fitted with a new generation 1.5-litre engine that features an upgraded turbocharger. This Performance Pack engine offers increases of 25kW and 60Nm above that of the HAVAL Jolion, boasting an impressive 130kW between 5500 and 6000rpm and 270Nm between 1500 and 4000rpm. This is mated with a smooth-shifting seven-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) that drives the front wheels and has been specifically programmed to keep the engine in the sweet spot in terms of performance.

Unique Feature

A unique feature for this segment is the addition of Launch Control, allowing you to enjoy maximum performance from the drivetrain when accelerating from a standstill position.


The Jolion S is equipped with the same wide variety of premium interior, connectivity and safety features as the Jolion Super Luxury but sets itself apart with a new front grille, a black finish for items such as the 18-inch alloys, side-mirror caps and roof rails.

7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

The second-generation 7DCT ensures seamless gear changes, is quieter & more efficient.

1.5 Turbo Power

The Jolion features a powerful yet eco friendly engine producing 105kW @ 210Nm and a measured 7.5L/100km. The Jolion S new generation 1.5T produces an output of 130kW and 270Nm of torque giving you the best of both worlds.

Drive Modes

Jolion has 4 modes Standard, Eco, Sport & Snow so whether you want a fuel-saving eco-warrior, or your adrenaline sport mode, there's driving mode for every mood.

HAVAL Jolion


LED Headlamps with DRL

Distinctive LED Vision Headlamps include split design DRL's that ensure optimal visibility on the road day and night.

LED Taillights

C-Shaped LED taillights are uniquely expressive & highly visible for safety.

Aluminium Alloy Wheels

Noticeable diamond cut 18” Alloy wheels that turn heads with style.

Black Styling Elements

Exclusivity leads the elite - The HAVAL Jolion S is no exception offering you premium Black Finishes on the 18-inch Alloy Wheels, Side-Mirror Caps and Roof Rails.

Unique Front Grille

Credentials meets character when it comes to the HAVAL Jolion S Chrome Honeycomb Front Grille.

Gloss Black Alloy Wheels

Expect sharp handling, increased responsiveness with the multi-link suspension and the added aesthetic appeal with the 18-inch Gloss Black Sports Alloy Wheels.

HAVAL Jolion


Dynamic Steering

Dynamic steering has 3 modes: light, comfort or sport. Optimizing driving comfort at low speeds and safety at higher speeds.

Rotary Shift Dial

The fashionable Rotary shifter is easy to operate and together with Electronic parking brake enhance convenience and adds elegance.

12.3” Infotainment Screen and Touch Panel

The floating infotainment system creates the perfect harmony between driver and technology. The touch panel adds to the ergonomic design of the interior layout.

CarPlay and Android Auto

Always be connected. Thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, your phone and car become one.

Wireless Charging

The convenient wireless charger boasts a large surface area, with a safe and fast charge.

8.6” Heads-up Display with Traffic Sign Recognition

This futuristic colour head-up display (HUD) enhances your safety by displaying vehicle speed, traffic signs & even lane guidance.

Spacious Interior

Jolion features a 2700mm super long wheelbase that of a midsize SUV ensuring overall spatial demands are met through excellent head, leg room & luggage capacity.

Front Seats

Up to 6-way seat adjustment & zero gravity ergonomic seats ensure prioritised luxury and comfort.

Panoramic Sunroof

The panoramic sunroof adds wellness to the cabin and a sense of the outside world.

HAVAL Jolion


Lane Support System

This high-tech safety system includes Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) and Lane Center Keeping. They all work together to prevent you from unintentionally drifting out of your lane, assisting you when changing lanes and alerting the driver of any obstacles.

360 Panoramic View & Rear cross-traffic Alert

HAVAL Jolion is equipped with a 360-degree panoramic camera featuring 4 HD cameras. The rear cross-traffic alert with the use of radar sensors on the SUV prevent you from reversing into cars by alerting you when vehicles are detected from behind.

Adaptive Cruise Control & Autonomous Emergency Braking

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain a safe following distance, which also includes Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). This automatically avoids collisions by detecting pedestrians or bicyclists and activating the brakes automatically.

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