With Both Dynamic and Static Styles, HAVAL H2 Holds Test Drive in Peruvian Desert

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At the HAVAL Launch Appreciation Ceremony in Peru, the attending journalists were really impressed by the fashionable and beautiful modeling of HAVAL H2. As an urban compact SUV, the HAVAL H2 boasts both dynamic and static styles and showed an excellent off-road performance of HAVAL SUV on the desert cobbled roads of Paracas National Natural Reserve Area in Peru.

With fashionable, all-match, and beautiful modeling, HAVAL H2 inspires people
At the end of November, HAVAL brand held a launch event in Paracas, Peru, in which 6 all-match HAVAL H2 models made an amazing appearance. During the static showcase, the local major automotive media experienced at close range the fashionable and dynamic modeling and delicate exquisite interior of HAVAL H2.

HAVAL H2 offers 8 single-color and 5 double-color appearance options to truly meet personalized customization. The covering-wrapped interior made of soft materials shows the exquisite craftsmanship of HAVAL SUV in every aspect, which gained positive recognition and praise from all attending journalists.

With rich equipment, HAVAL H2 handles desert test drive with ease
To enable the media journalists to fully experience the driving performance of HAVAL H2, after the brand launch ceremony, HAVAL’s Peruvian dealer organized an in-depth test drive experience activity through the desert. The Paracas National Natural Reserve Area (Reserva Nacional de Paracas), the renowned tourist attraction on the Pacific Coast of Peru, was chosen as the test drive location.

In the Natural Reserve Area, the vast desert extends in ups and downs to the remote foothills. Under the background of the blue sky, the HAVAL H2 fleet with journalists sped along the desert cobbled road and go through the flying sands freely.
For HAVAL H2, its handling of the desert road with ease can't be separated from its off-road safety performance. HAVAL H2 adopts enhanced MacPherson independent front suspension and Multi-connecting rod type independent rear suspension to guarantee good maneuverability and stability. The 235/55 R18 wide tires feature high steadiness and powerful ground adhesion. The 2mm thick high-stiffness safe body remarkably increases impact resistance.

In addition, compared with the models of equivalent price, HAVAL H2 is equipped with intelligent safety and convenient equipment beyond expectation, including keyless entry, multifunctional steering wheel, button start system, gearshift indicator, reversing radar + camera, tire pressure monitoring system, and cruise control system, and high quality NVH silencing technology to enable the test driver to feel the luxury and comfortable driving experience of HAVAL H2.

After the test over flying sands and bumpy cobbled roads, the HAVAL H2 fleet arrived at the test-drive destination - the YUMAQUE beach of the Natural Reserve Area. Throughout the journey, HAVAL H2 presented the outstanding maneuverability and comfort of a compact SUV in the desert off-road driving to the test drivers, which gained consistent appraisal from the attending journalists. It proved that HAVAL H2 not only attracted attention with its fashionable and all-match modeling, but also gained the consumers’ trust through safe, practical, and reliable quality. With both dynamic and static styles, HAVAL H2 initiated the successful entry of HAVAL brand into Peru’s automotive market.