With a Brand Value As High As 6.8 Billion US Dollars Haval Wins China's Most Valuable Car Brand

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With a Brand Value As High As 6.8 Billion US Dollars Haval Wins China's Most Valuable Car Brand

Recently, British brand evaluation agency Brand Finance released the "Top 20 Most Valuable Auto Brands in the 2018". The Haval brand of Great Wall Motors ranked 16th on the list with the brand value of 6.8 billion US dollars, ranking first in China's auto brands.

Significant growth in brand value, leading Chinese car brands to move forward steadily

A total of 21 Chinese auto brands were on the list of "Top 100 most valuable auto brands 2018" released by Brand Finance. Among them, the value of the Haval brand as SUV leader has increased by 124% year-on-year, and the ranking has increased by 13 places, ranking first among other Chinese automobile brands.

As we all know, Brand Finance is an independent consulting company for famous brand management and brand evaluation in the UK. It is also one of the top five international brand value evaluation authorities. The selection criteria for this list include public familiarity, loyalty, promotion activities, marketing investment, and employee satisfaction. As well as corporate reputation, the information used is from public channels, so its professionalism and independence are widely recognized by global listed companies.

The achievements of Haval in the "Top 100 Most Valuable Auto Brands in the World 2018" are based on persistent hard work. At the same time, the Haval brand also won a number of honors. In May 2017, Haval was appointed as the "National Brand Plan – Industry Leader" by CCTV. In September, China Quality Association and National User Committee released the results of 2017 China Automotive Industry User Satisfaction (CACSI) evaluation. Haval H6 and H2 won the first market segment. In October, Haval H2 won the highest rating of Australia's security collision and won five-star security with strength. In January 2018, at the 2017 China Performance Model Awards Ceremony hosted by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, Haval H7 won the "Gold Award for Comprehensive Performance of Medium and Large SUVs". In May, Haval F5 won the "Best (Self-Autonomous) First Car Award" at the Beijing Auto Show.

HAVAL H6 always retains the sales champion title of SUV for years

HAVAL owes its success to the excellent performance of its entire family of models, with HAVAL H6 undoubtedly as one of the most eye-catching models. As of June 2018, HAVAL H6 has occupied the first place in terms of SUV sales in China for 61 consecutive months regardless of the ever fiercer competition in the China's domestic SUV market, which fully demonstrates the excellent quality of various models and the huge influence of HAVAL as a superb brand.

Moreover, HAVAL H4 was launched in March 2018, and the product matrix under HAVAL was once again refined, thus offering more choices to consumers. With merely three months passed since its launch, HAVAL H4 has ranked one of HAVAL's best-selling models with an average monthly sales volume of more than 6000.

While the ace models still take a lead, the new models are almost catching up with them. The numerous marketing promotions are also adding much influence to the brand value of HAVAL. From 2017 to 2018, HAVAL's brand value leaped forward by 13 places, and we reasonably believe that with the current development momentum, HAVAL is bound to enter the Top 10 auto brands in the coming year.