The millionth Haval H6 rolled off the line, Haval started a new journey

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On November 12, with the slow driving of Haval H6 Sport off the production line at the Tianjin Plant of Great Wall Motors, the 1,000,000th unit of Haval H6 rolled off the production line officially. This is the first brand of SUVs whose output had exceeded a million, indicating that Chinese brand SUV stepped into a new age since then.

Haval H6 is a compact SUV subordinated to Great Wall Motors, which makes up for the gap in Chinese brand SUV market. Ever since its appearance in August 2011, and after three-month short transition, the sales in December of the same year were over 10,000 vehicles, and afterwards, H6 presented a good performance in the market. H6 is a type of SUV with high cost performance, and it has already become one of the best-selling SUVs across the world since its appearance. Moreover, the 1,000,000th unit, as a milestone, will further consolidate the SUV status of Haval H6, and it also sets a new standard for the Chinese compact SUV market.

Product promotion is solid and stable, and the improvement never stops

In 2011, the domestic compact SUV market was occupied by the joint venture brands, and the high price scared off quite a few consumers, but Chinese brands were too busy in the fights for the car market to take this field into account. On August 25, the first Haval H6 came into the market in Tianjin Manufacturing Base of Great Wall Motors. Once the City SUV with frameless body was promoted, it was popular among customers for its high cost performance and reliable product quality, and the number of vehicles sold was over 10,000 in the very December.

Great Wall Motors was not satisfied with its achievements, and it promoted the self-developed 1.5T gasoline engine Haval H6 Sport in August 2013, and the sales broke through 20,000 in the same month. Afterwards, driven by Haval H6 Upgrade and Haval H6 Sport, the sales broke through 30,000 in October 2014, which created a new miracle in the sales of Chinese brand SUV. Under the double pressure of the JV vehicles’ price markdown and Chinese brands' switch to the SUV market, it was not very easy for H6 to achieve such a success.

Nowadays, the price of Haval H6 ranges from 99,800 to 171,800, and there are three types: Haval H6 Upgrade, Haval H6 Sport and Haval H6 Coupe, including 32 kinds of products in total, covering 1.5T, 2.0T, 2.4L gasoline, 2.0T diesel, manual and automatic transmission. Meanwhile, it maintained monthly sales of 30,000 for 9 months, known as “incredible vehicle” in the industry.

Haval H6 moves forward step by step along the way, and it never stops improving from the seizing of the city SUV market to being number one in the sales of SUV, and it is the significant reason for the champion holding of H6.

The insistence on focusing starts working, and Haval steps into a new journey

Over the past four years since the appearance in market, the accumulative sales of Haval H6 reached 991,700. It not only holds the sales champion for 31 months, but also keeps being number one in the sales of SUV market for two successive years. Besides, it is also the first SUV with a million outputs, which enhances the overall morale of the Chinese brand greatly.

Actually, four-year experience of Haval H6 is only an epitome of Great Wall Motors focusing on Haval series. President Wei Jianjun used to indicate that “Great Wall Motors inputs the limited resources into SUV completely, and the core is actually the focus, and we spent more than ten years on it.”

      Just due to the consistent insistence, the sales of Haval H6 have already broken a million. Meanwhile, the “all-match” SUV Haval H2 appeared in the market in July 2014, has already reached cumulative sales of almost 180,000, among the top ten of SUV sales across the country, and becoming another dazzling star in Haval series.

      At present, Great Wall Motors sets Haval H1 to H9 in the SUV production line, with complete kinds of Haval products, including the small, medium-sized and large SUVs; low, middle and high SUVs, City and off-road SUVs, etc. Furthermore, it holds the sales champion of economical SUV for 12 consecutive years. The number of Haval users also reaches two million. With higher and more professional technology research and development strength and marketing service level, it not only sets up a solid mass base for the improvement, but also wins the reputation and public praise for Chinese brands.

       2015 is the year when the production and sales of Haval H6 break through one million, and it is also the first decade Haval have gone through. From this moment, Haval steps in a new journey, and a batch of Haval start vehicles and high-end vehicles will stand in the global SUV market.