Newly released H9 solidifies HAVAL Motors place in South African markets

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Building on the momentum created by HAVAL's previously released models, the new name in SUV's is challenging all categories in the automotive sector with the release of HAVAL H9, the 5th luxury SUV model in the HAVAL range.

Launched in South Africa in August 2018 at the Kyalami Festival of Motoring, the H9 immediately began turning heads, stealing the show and the hearts of many in attendance.

The H9 has since managed to convert even expert SUV enthusiasts, loyal to more mature names in the SUV category. Car blogs globally have given the H9 a confident nod of approval, making specific mention of the H9's ability to outperform many of its more established and popular rivals.

With its bold and daunting proportions and charmingly good looks and a performance to match, HAVAL's H9 ticks every box in the SUV criteria of SA car critics, with their distinguished understanding of what makes an SUV worthy of the African terrain.

Less than a month shy of its release, the H9 has managed to garner an impressive trail of reviews and prestigious awards such as being chosen as a semi- finalist in the Cars.co.za Consumer Awards in the Adventure SUV category, giving people the confidence to jump ship and put their trust in the young brand.

Recognised by experts and enthusiastically embraced by the public for being competitively affordable without compromising on safety, luxury and performance has played a pivotal role in the H9's high sales records and being so fervently embraced by the automotive industry as a whole.

Centred on family, lifestyle and affordability, the HAVAL brand has succeeded in filling a gap in South African markets, giving consumers of almost every income bracket the opportunity to access and enjoy the SUV experience.

HAVAL Motors entered South African markets in May 2017 and is well on its way to becoming the trusted name in affordable and quality 4x4 vehicles and family sized SUV's.