Luxury Urban SUV Haval H8 Marches towards Milano Expo

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True gold stands the test of fire. Though confronted with a severe journey to Milano Expo, Haval H8, this super-class luxury SUV, enabled the people both home and abroad to see its powerful strength with its quite competent performances and showed a continuously advancing resolution of Haval brand in the car-building field and a new image of Chinese self-owned brand cars.

From Beijing to Milan, the combined Chinese brand car fleet “Traversing Eurasia Continent and Going for Milano Expo” is traveling day and night. As one SUV oriented for urban driving, Haval H8, confronted with 15,000km of severe tests under diversified road conditions, accomplished this task easily with outstanding road driving performance and high driving comfort. As one Haval’s model for challenging the high-end market presently, the launch of Haval H8 enabled the people to see Haval’s continuously advancing breakthroughs after years of in-depth research in the car-building field. Certainly, the challenging to success is backed by solid foundation strength.

Haval H8 adopts double-yoke independent front suspension and boasts high lateral stiffness, high stability, outstanding anti-roll performance, and good ground adhesion. Thanks to the special geometric setting, the multi-link rear suspension adopted achieves more accurate wheel alignment and, in the event of rough roads, can guarantee good road adhesion for the wheels to manifest excellent road driving performance. In terms of the braking performance, the ventilated brake discs are adopted for both front and rear brakes to reduce the thermal attenuation during continuous braking cycles and the large brake discs of 330mm are adopted for the front wheels. Confronted with complicated road conditions during the journey, the outstanding braking performance of Haval H8 provided the better driving safety guarantee for the team members.

Under the high strength driving task of >12 hours each day, the fleet is traveling on the expressways and rough grassland roads and the long-term high strength driving can easily make the team members really fatigued. A series of luxury equipment combinations, including tire pressure monitoring system, hill-start assist control, hill descent control, traction control system, electronic stability program, RMI anti-roll system, self-adaptive balance system, and cruise control function, is equipped for all models of Haval H8. In addition, the large body with a wheelbase of 2,915mm builds a spacious interior driving and riding space. Regardless of driving on urban roads or driving on expressways under cruise control mode, Haval H8 can not only improve safety, but also build a luxury SUV environment to bring about a comfortable experience for the team members during their hard journey to Milan.

Right now, Haval H8 is driving in the Eurasia continent with no pressure to strongly support the successful driving of the united car fleet and continuously show a new image of Chinese self-owned brand cars to the world.