Launch of HAVAL H2 in Malaysia Led the Trend Again

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Since GWM M4 received positive market response in Malaysia, Go Auto, a dealer of GWM in Malaysia, seized the opportunity to locally introduce the star model HAVEL H2 that is more upscale and luxurious and is provided with stronger drive. Professional SUVs with a very strong sense of fashion and perfect controllability are now brought to SUV fans in Malaysia.

Since its debut at ASEAN Auto Show at the end of 2015, HAVAL H2 has impressed the automobile industry of Malaysia with fashionable appearance, exquisite and upscale interior trim as well as rich and practical configuration. Long awaited, HAVAL H2 was formally launched in Malaysia at the end of May.

In Kuala Lumpur’s core business district ONE UTAMA, the focus of this activity HAVAL H2 under the spotlight is fascinating at first sight as the red-black and white-black double-color body shines with fashionable and dynamic metal luster, and the graceful and smooth body curve manifests the unique charm of HAVAL model.

The release conference was opened with a large audience after the personage from government and banks and the mainstream media guests arrived at the venue successively. Ahmad Azam Datuk Sulaiman, CEO of Go Auto (a dealer of HAVAL in Malaysia), made a wonderful speech and said “Despite a wholly new brand model on automobile market in Malaysia, HAVAL H2 is bound to have a broader market prospect as it satisfies customers’ requirements on SUV visual beauty and actual use by virtue of its fashionable appearance, rich configuration and reliable quality.”

The special all-match appearance with a sense of fashion and the upscale interior trim made of exquisite materials provide customers with solid guarantee for product quality. A series of intelligent safety configurations including keyless entry, push-button, two-zone air conditioning, electronic parking, six airbags, tire pressure monitoring and blind area visualization systems bring an outstanding cost performance of HAVAL H2, far exceeding audience’s expectations. With 1.5T+6AT golden power assembly, HAVAL H2 has strong power output and excellent calibration, providing consumers with exciting driving experience.

The fast growing automobile market of Malaysia is increasingly valued by globally well-known auto brands and has emerged as one of the most important automobile markets in the Southeast Asia region over recent years. Among the SUV categories filled with fierce competition, HAVAL is confident to survive the “red sea” and compete with other global auto brands only if it has strong product strength to customers’ satisfaction. This is all about the mission of HAVAL H2 and what we expect of it.