Information on HAVAL's Parts Suppliers – All World-famous Brands

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Generally composed of thousands of parts, a vehicle’s quality will be ultimately affected by the quality and reliability of each part. Therefore, it is particularly important to attach great importance to every minimum unit constituting a vehicle from the very beginning for building a high-quality vehicle.

As a leading SUV brand, HAVAL has been committed to building high-quality vehicles by increasing its investment in R&D on one hand and actively cooperating with world-famous parts giants and working together with them to work out excellent and reliable products on the other hand. Currently, all HAVAL models, especially HAVAL H8, H9 and upcoming H7 that mainly aim at medium and high-end markets, have more or less adopted products from the world's first-class parts manufacturers. The final product quality is ensured with the support from these excellent parts. Now, let's take a look at the parts of world-famous brands adopted by HAVAL's models.

● Schaeffler

Schaeffler Group, headquartered in Germany, is a world-leading integrated supplier of vehicles and industrial products, and one of the largest technology-oriented family-owned enterprises in Europe as well. Its history dates back to 1883. The group has three brands: INA, FAG and LUK. The group mainly provides solutions for high-precision engine, transmission and chassis parts and systems as well as rolling bearings and sliding bearings.

Schaeffler's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: engine flywheels, clutches, transmission related parts, and chassis systems. 


Delphi is a leading global supplier of technologies for automobiles and automotive electronic parts and systems. Its product series include power, propulsion, heat exchange, interior trimming, electrical, electronic and safety systems. In terms of history, Delphi Packard Electric Systems, founded in 1890, is only several years younger than Bosch. Before 1995, Delphi had been General Motors' subsidiary specialized in parts. Since its separation from GM in 1995, Delphi has become a fully independent company taking a leading position in the world.

Delphi's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: engine electronic control system, fuel system, park assist system and electronic safety system. 

● Bosch

Bosch is one of the largest industrial companies in Germany and the world's leading technology and service supplier. It is engaged in the fields of automotive, industrial, consumption and building intellectualization technologies and famous for its innovative and sophisticated product and system solutions. It is also a very famous manufacturer of parts and accessories in the automotive industry.

Bosch's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: ABS, ESP system, and electric control system.

●Continental AG

Continental AG, headquartered in Hanover, Germany, was founded in 1871. Continental AG is the world's third largest tire manufacturer and one of Europe's largest auto parts suppliers. It produces the world leading brake systems, chassis parts, vehicle electronic components, tires and high-tech rubber.

Continental AG's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: electronic parking brake (EPB) and digital instruments. 

● ZF

ZF Friedrichshafen AG, headquartered in Germany,is a partner of the global automotive industry and parts supplier. It is specialized in providing transmission, steering, chassis systems and other auto parts. ZF Group is a world leader in automotive power transmission systems and chassis technologies.

ZF's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: transmission assemblies and steering systems. 


TRW Automotive Holdings Corp, headquartered in Michigan, USA, is a world-leading automotive safety system supplier. Its main automobile products include steering and suspension systems, steering systems, seat belt systems, electronic safety devices, engine parts, reinforced fasteners and parts, and body controller systems.

TRW's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: SRS controllers and ABS systems. 

● BorgWarner

BorgWarner Inc., headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA, is an acknowledged leader in providing advanced powertrain system solutions for the world's major automobile manufacturers. BorgWarner Inc. is committed to designing and manufacturing high-tech products to improve the performance of automobile engine, transmission and four-wheel drive systems.

BorgWarner's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: four-wheel drive systems and turbochargers. 


The HELLA brand is well known to everyone in the automotive sector. More than 100 years' history of development makes HELLA synonymous with the automotive lighting technology and a forever shining brand in the automotive lighting industry. In 1971, HELLA developed an H4 twin-filament halogen headlamp that acquired the world's first license. In 1992, HELLA was the first to introduce the first generation of Xenon headlamps in the world, which is another major breakthrough in the history of automotive lighting, and can be considered as a milestone in the development of automotive lighting industry.

HELLA's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: body electronic modules, body control modules and automotive lighting. 

● Valeo

Valeo, an industrial group headquartered in France, is specialized in design, development, manufacturing and sales of automotive parts, systems and modules. Its business involves original associated services and after-sales service. As a world's leading automotive parts supplier, Valeo provides support for all major car makers in the world.

Valeo's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: wipers, generators, starters, clutches, visual systems and driver assistance systems. 


MAHLE is an outstanding company among many international automotive and engine parts manufacturers that provides high-quality parts for the automotive and engine industry. Many revolutionary innovations have made MAHLE successfully become its customers' reliable partner and one of the top 30 suppliers in the world. As one of the three major suppliers of piston systems, cylinder parts, valve actuator systems, gas management systems and liquid management systems, MAHLE Group supplies a complete range of high-quality products to all automotive manufacturers worldwide.

MAHLE's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: air control systems, vehicle heat exchange systems, engine pistons and sodium filled valves.

● Autoliv

Autoliv is a multinational corporation established in Sweden. Founded in 1956, the company is committed to mainly providing automotive electronic safety systems, seat belt systems, electronic control units, and steering wheel systems.

Autoliv's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: SRS and seal belts.

● Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls, Inc. is a global company with diversified businessin the building and automotive sectors. Its business involves building heating, automotive interior decorations, and energy for motor vehicles. American Professor Warren Johnson founded the company in 1885, the world's first thermostat manufacturer and also one of the world's largest independent suppliers of automotive parts and seats.

Johnson Controls' products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: automotive seats and interior decorations.


Brose, founded in 1908 in Coburg, Germany, is a partner of the global automotive industry. Brose Group is a global leader in mechanical and electronic parts and systems of automotive bodies and interior decorations. Its business involves automotive doors, seats and door lock systems. Especially in the automotive window and door business, Brose's market share is among the top in the world.

Brose's products adopted in HAVAL models mainly include: lock systems, cooling fans and window motors.


The above mentioned international parts giants not only provide products for the HAVAL brand, but also fully cooperate with HAVAL's technicians in R&D in their respective fields to maximize the efficiency of the products. This does not imply, of course, that use of first-class parts will definitely enable an excellent vehicle to be manufactured. A key point also counts that vehicle manufacturers should have superior capability to assemble such first-class parts reasonably, efficiently integrate them together and maximize the quality and performance of each part. Only in this way can the vehicles with excellent quality be ensured to be manufactured.