Haval's Four movements at Auto Shanghai 2015

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Haval Motors will show up at the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2015) with 17 vehicles and five engines, covering concept vehicles, future mass-manufactured vehicles and current mass-manufactured vehicles. Preparations are under way. The vehicles, all Haval-branded, reflect the company's focus concept.

Haval is a professional Chinese SUV brand which has been a focus of the industry due to its largest sales in the industry. Sources disclosed Haval's four movements at Auto Shanghai 2015.

Haval H6 Coupe

The launch of Haval H6 Coupe will be the biggest highlight. Powered by a 2.0L TDI engine and a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, it made its debut at the 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2014) and will be China's first Coupe SUV. According to the previously exposed photos, it combines the features of the coupe and the SUV. In terms of appearance, it is trendy and stylish with the long wheelbase, short rear overhang, upswept beltline and downward sloping roof. Haval intends to create a new segment of Coupe SUV with it.

Haval H8

The re-launch of Haval H8 at Auto Shanghai 2015 is bound to be another highlight among independently branded models. Luxurious and rich configuration is the key selling point of the deluxe model. It features FR and 4WD specific to top roaders and high-end SUVs, is powered by a 2.0L TDI engine and carries ZF 6 speeds tiptronic transmission. The twists and turns in the launch of Haval H8 reflect the hardships of China's auto industry in the process of high-end development, and show Haval Motors' pursuit of perfect quality and precise attitude towards car building.

Also, Haval will launch two all-new concept vehicles representing Haval's future at Auto Shanghai 2015. They are correspondingly named Concept B and Concept R. According to the sources, both models have charming appearance, give a strong sense of technology and are seamlessly connected to 4G networks. While presenting and launching new models, the company will release the strategy of a red/blue logo at the exhibition. Details are not available.