Haval Team to vie with other teams in COC finals in Xiamen

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The finals of 2015 Chinese Circuit Offroad Championship (COC 2015) will take place in Xiamen from December 19 to 21. Drivers who stood out in legs will gather in Jimei to vie for grand championships. With five individual titles and team titles in legs the four drivers on Haval Team moved into the finals and aspired to defend the individual and team championships of the year.

Inaugurated in 2003, Chinese Circuit Offroad Championship (COC) is a national Class-A professional race organized by the Federation of Automobile Sports of PRC. Drivers run separately in closed tracks with time kept respectively. Tracks are formed by stimulated natural obstacles, such as hump, double-sided bridge, wavy road, V ditch, shell hole, stun platform and deep pool. Undoubtedly it is a great challenge for the drivers to handle such complex road conditions in a short time. Closed circuit tracks enable spectators to experience the thrill of off-road racing at close range. Cars' dodges, moves, drifts and stuns make a better appreciation for the spectators.

In COC 2015, Haval Team stayed invincible with a clean sweep of the team titles in Nanxi(Si Chuan), Wuxue (HuBei), Xilinhot (Inner Mongolia), Liuzhou (GuangXi) and Fengxian (Shanghai). Haval's tremendous strength was repaid with "the five titles in the five legs". Haval's showdown with the other top off-road teams from around the country will make COC finals most spectacular and intense this year.

This year saw Xiamen hosting COC finals a fifth time. Xiamen has been fully recognized for its off-road culture and competition atmosphere. After years of efforts, Jimei has built COC finals into an "off-road carnival" integrating sport, travel, culture and food, as well as a new symbol of Xiamen. It is believed that COC finals in Xiamen will indulge drivers and spectators in the thrill of circuit off-road racing. In concert with Xiamen's ever-growing off-road fever, Haval Team will present some activities to fans, such as touring Xiamen, test-driving new models and watching COC finals on the spot, to make them feel the passion of the race and release Haval's passion for off-road culture promotion.

According to the competition schedule, the teams qualified for the finals will compete for intermediary heat places through two rounds of preliminary heats on December 19 and 20 respectively. Following the intermediary heat on the morning of December 21, CCTV5 will televise the finals that afternoon. All cars not qualified for the finals will enter the open category for two rounds of preliminary and intermediary heats. After that, they will be presented with prize money and trophies based on their final results, and will not participate in the finals to be televised.

Having held a safe lead in the overall standings, Haval Team has almost secured the team title of the year, but will devote all its passion to the finals. Haval drivers will steer new racecars in the finals with the aim of grabbing the championship of the year, transcending themselves and achieving good results. Following the finals, Haval team and its drivers will join a victory party and attend the track experience activity of Haval's mass-manufactured models on December 22. Such face-to-face communication with fans is a way worth more anticipation.