Haval Team claims top three places in COC

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The Wuxue leg of the 2015 Chinese Circuit Offroad Championship (COC 2015) has recently been wrapped up. Haval Team in the diesel manufacturer category claimed the top three places, presenting a fantastic visual feast to fans.

Haval Team presents internal show against sandstorms

The track was on the red ground landform with sand and stone. Wherever cars went, there were spectacular views of "sandstorms". A car is likely to be affected by the "sandstorm" kicked up by the car ahead, and then affects the competition result. Such harsh conditions posed high requirements for drivers' control of environment and tempo, made the competition tougher and more uncontrollable, and made results unpredictable.

The two preliminary heats showed this tendency with frequent lead exchanges. Bends were the key to turning the tide and results hung in the balance till the end. The final was breathtaking, internal competition boosted the morale of the four Haval drivers, wonderful turning drift, neat crossing of double bridges, perfect jump over humps…marvelous performance aroused bursts of cheers. Following the two heats, Zhao Xiangqian claimed the individual title with stable performance, followed by Shen Weijian, Lu Xuebin and Liu Hongwu. Haval Team dominated the podium once again and undoubtedly became the focus of attention.

Haval's 100-member cheer group draws attention

A 100-member cheer group organized by Haval's six distributors in Hubei arrived that day, presenting a unique view among nearly 1,000 spectators. Following the competition, they visited the camp, communicated with the drivers, viewed the racecars and posed with them for photos. The team manager Shen Weijian explained the racecars' structures and driving skills, followed by test rides by fans. Fans said they were excited to watch an off-road competition at close range for the first time and commented that Haval Team was far more professional than other teams in terms of camp arrangement and management.

Haval Team accomplished its mission in the competition. Afterwards the team will move to Xinjiang for the Taklimakan Rally in late June. Then they will present a new visual feast to fans.