Haval SUV sales in March up 94.23% year on year

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Haval SUV sales in March up 94.23% year on year

According to production and sales data newly released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), 2.2406 million vehicles were sold in China in March 2015, up 3.29 percent year on year, including 1.8704 million passenger vehicles and 474,100 SUVs, up 9.38 percent and up 53.57 percent year on year respectively. The SUV segment continued to boom. Meanwhile, 59,400 Haval SUVs were sold in March 2015, up 94.23 percent year on year, thus securing Haval's sales championship.

Haval SUV sales almost doubled in March, Haval H2 moved into the top three in sales

Haval boomed with total sales of 59,394 units in March, up nearly 100 percent year on year. Champion SUV Haval H6 registered sales of 31,446 units, up 25.39 percent year on year, thus maintaining monthly sales of over 30,000 units and securing its sales lead. Customizable SUV Haval H2 continued to soar after registering sales of over 10,000 units last October and was ranked among the top three bestsellers with sales of 15,975 units. Trendy mini SUV Haval H1 registered sales of 7,703 units and its cumulative sales have exceeded 20,000 units within only a few months since its launch last November. Meanwhile, as the only SUV with an all-terrain feedback system priced at less than 300,000 yuan, Haval H9 registered sales of 1,849 units in March. Multi-purpose off-road SUV Haval H5 registered sales of 2,421 units in March. So far in the first quarter of 2015, 162,300 Haval SUVs have been sold.

Haval family expanded with the successive launch of Haval H8 and H6 Coupe

Haval family has formed a product system of different sizes, grades and types such as large, medium and mini-sized SUVs, high, medium and low-grade SUVs, city and off-road SUVs. As a professional SUV brand, Haval is committed to refining, enriching and deepening its product matrix to develop products with different functions and targeting different consumers. In 2015, Haval Motors will continue to focus on SUV, and further enrich and optimize its SUV product line.

According to the source, two new models–Haval H6 Coupe and Haval H8 will be launched during Auto Shanghai 2015. As China's first Coupe SUV, Haval H6 Coupe combines the features of the coupe and the SUV–"passion, speed and trend". Haval H8 is a deluxe SUV supported by high-tech equipment and high-performance design. Despite twists and turns in its launch, Haval 8 has been perfected with its problems thoroughly solved. Also, Haval will launch two all-new mini concept SUVs at Auto Shanghai 2015 representing Haval's future. They are correspondingly named Concept B and Concept R. According to the source, both models have charming appearance, give a strong sense of technology, and are seamlessly connected to the 4G network.

13 years of professional accumulation has laid a solid foundation for Haval brand in such aspects as R & D, hardware facilities, business strength and experience of car building. It is believed that Haval family will continue to expand and create new sales legends with the launch of new products.