Haval's Now Part Of The Great Rugby-Playing SA Lifestyle

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With simply phenomenal sales since its launch in South Africa less than a year ago, Haval is fast becoming a fixture on the Mzansi landscape - and now it has firmly cemented itself into the SA lifestyle, more of which in a minute.

Indeed, customers have been downright rapturous about models such as the H2 and the H6 C. So, too, has pretty much anyone who's even sat in or experienced one.

And even the most discerning media - motoring and otherwise - have been pretty much bowled over by these vehicles. Vehicles that aren't just utterly unlike anything else to come out of China, but are world-class winners in everything from style and sophistication to ride and refinement.

The website Cars.co.za - easily the best automotive site in South Africa - spoke thus of the H2, for instance:

"As we summarise in our video review, the Haval H2 shakes off that kiss of death that 'it's the best of the Chinese brands'.

"The 1.5T Luxury is a compelling compact family car offering - full stop."

Little wonder then that it was nominated as a semi-finalist in the highly prestigious Cars.co.za Consumer Awards. So making it the first Chinese brand to crack the nod.

CAR magazine, meanwhile, had this to say about the H6 C:

"Chinese cars have had a fair amount of negative publicity around vehicle safety, and in some cases rightly so. Thankfully the H6 C has the right combination of safety features to meet a family's requirements. Things like ABS, EBD, brake assist and stability control are all standard across the range and this derivative is equipped with six airbags."

Little wonder then that the H2 and H6 C carry five-star safety ratings. And little wonder then that GWM's premium sub-brand - for that's what Haval is - sells over a million SUV's per annum in its home market of China. A million!

Now Haval Motors South Africa has proved that it's part of the warp and weft of the great South African lifestyle by co-sponsoring the prestigious St John's College rugby festival over the Easter break.

A festival that saw some fine rugger being played at this leading school in Houghton, Johannesburg, with activities galore, too. Meanwhile, the Haval presence - which included vehicles on display - drummed up huge interest among festival-goers.

Indeed, the Havals drew almost as much attention from the parents and spectators as did the young rugger talent at play on those green fields. And at least a few comments were heard expressing disbelief that vehicles as slick and svelte as these were actually Chinese.

Talk about rugby, braaivleis...and Haval...

Haval's National Sales Manager, Tyrone Alberts - a real motor industry veteran himself who has wholeheartedly bought into the brand - had this to say:

"Haval Motors South Africa was privileged to have been a co-sponsor of the prestigious St John's College Rugby festival over the Easter weekend."

"Over the past ten months Haval South Africa's retail numbers have grown six fold. This was made possible by the public and the media acknowledging us for who we are, and the exceptional quality of our vehicles."

Adds the affable Tyrone:

"The days of Haval being known as a value for money proposition are being overshadowed by the true quality of our vehicles as well as the service the customers receive. We are here to stay, and carry on improving little by little every day."

And indeed Haval is on a continual quest for excellence and perfection in all spheres.

More than that, the brand is now firmly, deeply planted in South Africa.

Notes Tyrone:

"We currently have 23 Approved Haval Dealers with another five soon to be appointed. Our objective is to have 34 Approved Haval Dealers by the end of the year...with more to come."