HAVAL's first sponsorship of Golf Championship in Chile

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On November 6th, HAVAL sponsored the "Prince of Wales Open Golf Championship" of Chile, which added new power for HAVAL taking root in South America. The embedded product evaluation in the event sponsorship realized the bundling marketing of HAVAL and golf to make the sponsorship a Haval's successful brand marketing case.

From November 6th to 8th, the "Prince of Wales Open Golf Championship" was held in San Diego, capital of Chile, and HAVAL supported the event as a major sponsor. This event sponsorship, namely the "marriage" of HAVAL and Golf Championship as another big act of HAVAL ever since its launch in Chile did promote the brand image, and Haval won was acclaimed for its excellent product quality by the players.

The event has a long history and great reputation
In 1925, the Prince of Wales Country Club was created by the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, in San Diego, and it was especially famous for golf. The annual Open Golf Championship, one of the most important golf tournaments in Chile, would gather many master golfers from all around the country of Chile.

Successful brand placement, HAVAL strives for perfection
HAVAL roots the market with "professional" SUV brand, emphasizes on the high end and taste, creates exquisite products for customers and brings them high-grade product enjoyment. Golf is a symbol of profession and taste so that the "perfect combination" of HAVAL and golf tournament fully manifests the excellent taste and enterprising spirit of HAVAL and the unique character of superego.

The wonderful event required a lot of support from the sponsor, and the on-spot HAVAL H2 model turned into the focal point of awards that players competed for. The appraisal area for H2 and H6 Sport model set in the resting place became the primary choice of players to take rests. Through the appreciation of the models, HAVAL amazed the players with its excellent quality. It was quite rare to receive such an honor for a newly-introduced brand because all players belonged to high-end and demanding user community.

The particular site arrangement and excellent atmosphere was exactly the proof of successful operation of HAVAL in South America. HAVAL also brought wonderful activities to the present golf fans and customers, and allowed players to enjoy a happy golf carnival during the process of the fierce competition.

More work to do, HAVAL pushes forward through cooperation
Chile market is the first launched market of HAVAL in South America, and it is also the first step of HAVAL landing South America. HAVAL has always been performing excellently after the appearance in the market. With a series of activities, such as 'HAVAL H2 test drive in Peruvian desert' and 'Bolivian media appraisal', HAVAL has already taken root in the market of South America. The marriage with Golf Championship further enhanced the influence of HAVAL in South America. Look forward to more achievements of HAVAL.

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