Haval Outreach Expedition kicks off in Johannesburg

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25 September 2018, Midrand - The 2018 Haval Outreach Expedition kicked off in Johannesburg earlier this month with a convoy of two Haval H9s, two Haval H6Cs one Haval H2 and a GWM Steed 5E as the support vehicle. The journey runs from 20 September to 4 October and will see the six vehicles travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town along the East and South Coasts of South Africa.

According to Charles Zhao, Managing Director of Haval Motors South Africa, "As a relatively new brand in the country, this journey is an opportunity for us to show our commitment to the local market by supporting various local organisations unique to South Africa."

The first leg of the trip stretched from Johannesburg to the Kruger National Park in order to visit the remarkable K9 unit, which provides training and logistical back-up to conservation areas and game parks through the deployment of specialised working dog units that are specifically trained to combat poaching across the country. Haval South Africa made a donation of R10 000 to the K9 Conservation organisation.

The K9 unit is constantly evolving to better fight the poaching crisis and uses clever tactics such as free running packs where packs of highly trained tracker dogs are released into conservation areas to run on their own. This is normally done when poachers have already been spotted in the area, and free running dogs have a better chance of catching them without being slowed down by their human partners. The dogs are trained to detain and obstruct poachers from escaping until the rest of the team arrives. This level of training - and ensuring the animals receive the best possible care - requires regular funding, and Haval is proud to be able to support the Kruger National Park K9 unit.

"The 2018 Outreach Expedition is our way of giving back to a market that has welcomed the Haval brand with enthusiasm. We're invested in this market and, as a company, we know it's important to show our appreciation and support in return", says Zhao.

This trip is also an opportunity for Haval to stretch its legs across all driving conditions found across the country - from city traffic to the dunes of Sodwana beach.

The luxurious Haval H9 is perfectly suited for extended road trips. The spacious seven-seater is equipped with advanced safety features and drivers can choose from six different driving modes, depending on the terrain.

With 180kW and 350 Nm, the 2.0-litre petrol engine in the H9 offers excellent performance and enough power to handle even the most difficult off-road routes.

The H6C is Haval's mid-size luxury SUV that's powered by a 140 kW 2.0 litre engine. The interior is spacious and elegant, with soft-touch materials throughout the cabin and the option to change the colour of the interior lighting to suit your mood.

The H6C is proving its rugged credentials on this trip as it handles pothole-ridden roads and gravel with ease. Superb comfort levels and capable performance make the H6C the ideal family car that's more than ready to head off the beaten track on weekends.

The popular H2 is Haval's contender in the compact SUV segment and is performing equally well on this challenging route. Dual zone climate control, a touch-screen centre display and superb comfort make the H2 an ideal choice for daily commuters. It's unique, fun to drive, and performs exceptionally well over long distances.

The H2's 1.5-litre turbocharged 105kW petrol engine is frugal, but more than willing to keep up with its larger siblings.

The support vehicle on the expedition, the GWM Steed 5E, is the only double-cab in the convoy and is proving to be incredibly comfortable and capable over rugged terrain. The 2.0-litre diesel engine produces 105kW and 305 Nm in front-wheel drive configuration.

Safety is a key element in every Haval, and the vehicles in the expedition convoy are well-equipped to keep occupants as safe as possible. Earlier this year the H9 was awarded a 5-star C-NCAP safety rating, whilst the H6 performed brilliantly in a 'Real Car Collision Test' that was conducted last year. Even the smaller H2 is equipped with all-round airbags and automatic hazard lights that are activated when hard braking is applied.

The next stop on the Outreach Expedition was Sodwana where the two 4x4 H9's were put to the test on sand dunes during a fun day at the beach.

Regular updates will be sent during the expedition and you can also follow us on Facebook at Haval South Africa or Instagram at havalsouthafrica.