Haval Outreach Expedition arrives in the Windy City

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02 October 2018, Port Elizabeth - The 2018 Haval Outreach Expedition recently arrived in the windy city of Port Elizabeth, marking the 7th stop on the journey.

The six vehicles in the convoy joined up with a group of nearly 40 local Haval customers and the entire group made their way to the Haval dealership in Port Elizabeth. Amidst delicious coffee and breakfast, Haval South Africa handed the keys for a brand-new H9 to Tom Swartz, the winner of Survivor South Africa 2018.

Swartz is an official brand ambassador for Haval South Africa, as well as Haval Port Elizabeth. Swartz said he was extremely thankful to Haval and was very excited to drive his brand-new Forest Green H9 for the first time.

After toughing it out for 39 episodes of Survivor, and being crowned the ultimate winner, Tom is definitely looking forward to the luxury and comfort of his new Haval H9. Aged 41, Tom shot to local fame after winning Survivor SA 2018, and seeing as he comes from PE, it was clear that he's become somewhat of a local hero.

Haval South Africa is thrilled to have Swarts driving one of their vehicles as the company is making serious headway in entrenching itself into South African culture. The six vehicles in the Outreach Expedition convoy have been winding their way down the east coast of South Africa on an epic journey stretching from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

The two Haval H9's, two H6C's, an H2 and a GWM Steed 5E have proved their capability over many hours of off-road driving, monstrous sand dunes, long stretches of pot-holed tarmac and typical city traffic. All six vehicles have been superbly comfortable and easy to drive in any circumstances.

According to Charles Zhao, Managing Director of Haval Motors South Africa, "We're a new brand in South Africa, so it's important for consumers to see our vehicles can handle all local driving conditions with ease. The convoy will face some very challenging roads on this expedition and we're confident that our vehicles will prove to be exceptionally capable and comfortable all the way through."

From Port Elizabeth the 2018 Haval Outreach Expedition will head toward Cape St Francis, Arniston and Cape Agulhas - the Southern-most tip of South Africa.

Regular updates will be sent during the expedition and you can also follow us on Facebook at Haval South Africa or Instagram at havalsouthafrica.

For more information on Tom Swartz's Haval partnership, visit the Port Elizabeth dealer page.