Haval H9 Puts on Test Drive Show of Ice and Snow

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On December 3, more than 30 senior professional test-drive editors from 20-odd domestic media outlets gathered in Yakeshi of Inner Mongolia (reputed as the “Hometown of Ice and Snow”), where they galloped on the snow-covered land with Haval H9 and put on an amazing and splendid test-drive show of ice and snow.


This time, the Haval H9 test-drive of ice and snow took place at Yakeshi Bosch Test Center, for this center is regarded as China’s most professional and most comprehensive winter test field. Great Wall Motor Company Limited and Bosch have forged a long-term strategic partnership, and have kept tight cooperation in vehicle safety, comfort, and driver assistance all the time. In this test, Haval H9 endured the temperature of minus 30 degrees centigrade and challenged the severe ice and snow environment in Yakeshi, fully exemplifying Haval H9’s all-terrain control system and Bosch G9 ESP’s superb performance and safety advantages in the ice and snow environment.


This test drive consisted of two parts, namely, the Bosch field test (land test and ice lake test) and driving through snow-covered mountains and jungle. Meanwhile, professional test drive editors had a full experience of 10-plus dynamic items, including TCS land slope, HDC slope, slippery ice surface, ice lake control lane, ice and snow circuit, and simulative city road, etc., which tested and verified Haval H9’s product quality in an all-round manner. As common knowledge, it is extremely difficult to drive the car on the non-paved road lacking adhesive force. Aside from being equipped with snow tires of high traction, the vehicle should be excellent and coordinated in control, braking, drive, and power transmission, etc. while driving on the said road. During the test, Haval H9 performed excellently in this regard. Haval H9’s all-terrain control system involves six drive modes, including snow field, swamp, desert, beach, and muddy mountain road. Also, Haval H9 is equipped with G9 ESP system, which has a lot of functions like rollover prevention, active brake, hill-start assist control, and hill descent control, etc., making the vehicle boast good performance in all road conditions. In the ice and snow road condition, BCM receives the snowfield mode command and sends it to ESP, which then sends the command to all-terrain subsystems. In response to the snowfield mode command, subsystems will come into the engine torque reduction model, the transmission will come into the snowfield gearshift model, four-wheel drive system will come into AWD model, and electronic differential system will come into corresponding running model, so as to meet the vehicle performance and safety requirements etc. in the snowfield mode.


In such test items like TCS land slope, compacted snow surface, ABS road surface, and land control, etc., Haval H9’s traction control system had steady performance on slope surfaces of different adhesion factors. In addition, the vehicle’s ABS took on extraordinary brake effect on the snow surface, and its ESP performed well in continuous bend and undulation. Particularly when HDC slope gradient is up to 30%, Haval H9’s HDC function performed excellently on the slope full of ice and snow, making the vehicle descend steadily at the speed of 10km/h.


In some test items like slippery ice surface, ice lake control lane, ice lake urban road, ice and snow circuit, and dynamic ice lake demo etc., Haval H9, which boasts Bosch 9.0 vehicle stability control (VSC), fully exerted its braking effect and control performance at a low adhesion factor. On the lake surface, test-drive editors swerved the vehicle continuously, and Haval H9 performed excellently in vehicle steering control, vehicle stability, and vehicle driving smoothness thanks to its active engine torque reduction and active wheel brake functions. All in all, its ESP function was brought into full play, adding to the drive-test’s breathtaking and exciting elements. Equipped with necessary stability control systems for snowfield drive (including ESP, dual-speed intelligent four-wheel drive and differential lock), Haval H9 showed off its strong cross-country performance in this test-drive of ice and snow. So excellent is Haval H9 in such a severe ice and snow environment that it handles common road conditions very easily. When a galaxy of stars dotted the sky above snow-covered Inner Mongolia, Haval Passionate Test-Drive of Ice and Snow came to its climax. Be it on the extremely wet, slippery, and severe ice and snow road surface or over the snow mountain, Haval showed the public its professional cross-country lineage and high safety performance by virtue of its swiftness and quickness. This time, the Haval H9 Test-Drive was grandly held over the ice and snow, marking that the Haval brand has taken a firm step ahead in 2014, and Haval is bound to glow more brilliantly.