HAVAL H6 Topping Sales List GWM Sales Surging in Multiple-spot

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According to the lately released automobile production and sales data of China in April, as a result of proactive promotion under the circumstance of slowdown in current automobile market, the overall sales of Great Wall Motors' vehicles saw significant increase with a total of 79,607 units sold in April, and HAVAL H6, a leader in SUV market, topped the automobile sales list in China.

Ⅰ、HAVAL H6 Leading the List of Monthly Automobile Sales

April, HAVAL H6 achieved a sales volume of 43,900 vehicles, an increase up to 42.83% over the same period, and continued to win the champion of SUV sales once again, topping the list of automobile sales for the first time.

HAVAL H7 have a Good Start in Sales and Received Wide Recognition

As the most refined SUV, HAVAL H7 had remarkable performance in sales for the first month, with 1,290 units sold within 5 days after its launch. Strong interest was felt at the Beijing Auto Show that was closed a few days ago, and several authoritative auto media insiders expressed that HAVAL H7 has elevated HAVAL brand to a new height and offered a new choice for Chinese brand SUV.

Stable Market for HAVAL H2 and the Launch of New Model Adding to the Potential of Increased Sales

As another star model of HAVAL brand, HAVAL H2 always persists in pursuing high standard of quality. Since its launch, HAVAL H2 has kept stable performance, with over 10, 000 units sold for 19 consecutive months and an accumulative sales volume of more than 260,000 vehicles.

Ⅳ、HAVAL Brand Strength Enabling Its Total Sales of 260,000 Vehicles

As a fist product of Great Wall Motors, HAVAL SUV has been leading the SUV market by virtue of its absolute advantage in sales. In April, HAVAL brand achieved a sales volume of 67,000 units, up 7.93% from the previous year, making it the only SUV brand setting a record of more than 60,000 units this month. Nearly 260, 000 units of HAVAL brand were sold accumulatively from January to April.