Haval H6 Appears in "Automobile Resale Value Report Top 10" as Only Chinese Model

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 At the China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition 2015 which kicked off on November 20, The China Automobile Resale Value Committee (CARVC) released the 2015 China Automobile Resale Value Report. Haval H6 appeared in this report top 10 as the only Chinese model.

Founded in June 2015, CARVC is a non-profit automobile resale value research organization initiated by in association with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Industry Committee. The organization aims to pass its latest research findings to all links of the auto industry chain, promote the close linkage of all business links and restructure business models by understanding, managing, enhancing and applying automobile resale value, and deepen auto consumers' knowledge of the concept of automobile value maintenance and the influence of resale value on use cost, so as to make consumers purchase and use vehicles more rationally.

The 2015 China Automobile Resale Value Report  involves 140,000 models of 2,437 brands, Some 150 million VINs (vehicle identity number) were identified and counted. Supported by the huge trade volume of used vehicles, this report is of high reference value.

Automobile resale value is how much is a vehicle worth after being used for a period of time, and the ratio of the amount to the price of a new vehicle is the resale value. In general, an important factor concerning the resale value of a model is its market inventory: the higher the market inventory is, the higher the resale value is. A large market inventory indicates that the brand of this model has been popular and this model has been recognized by consumers for its outstanding quality, durability, utility, and after-sales services. High resale value means that this model's price is relatively strong with a smaller discount loss when being sold as a used vehicle.

In this report, joint-venture brands almost dominate the resale value lists of models in all categories, especially those brands deeply popular with Chinese consumers like Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda. This basically agrees with market factors and automakers' annual sales statistics. With the improvement of Chinese brands in such aspects as quality and recognition in recent years, Chinese models have been gradually recognized by consumers. As the SUV sales champion for consecutive years, Haval H6 was the only Chinese model appearing in this report top10. H6 has achieved cumulative sales of 1 million units since its launch in 2011 and such a high market inventory has led to the high resale value of this model. Thus, H6 has been recognized by consumers for its tremendous strength.