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The world is replete with advice - ancient and modern - against blowing your own trumpet. It's salient, too. No one likes a self-promoting motor mouth.

Thing is we're proud - real proud - of GWM and its very recently launched premium sub-brand Haval.

GWM, for a start, has been a part of the South African landscape for over a decade. And almost since its first rather basic pickups rolled onto our roads, it has carved an enviable reputation for reliability, toughness, integrity, and value-for-money.

And there's Haval. Until this brand hit our market only a few short months ago, it was virtually unknown in Mzansi.

Ironic that - because last year on its home market of China, more than one-million Havals found new homes. Pause to consider that that's not far off double (as in twice!) the number of new cars sold in SA annually.

And if our market took to GWM, well it has gone simply crazy for Haval. The first model to be launched here was a compact SUV in the guise of the H2 - a vehicle that doesn't just rival but outplay many of the established brands. On all fronts. Aesthetics. Economy. Ride. Refinement. Equipment levels. Safety. Performance. You name it.

But wait! There's more - as those sometimes rather cheesy infomercials have it. The H2 has just been joined by the bigger H6 C, while there's yet more upscale Haval product in the offing, including the sleek, sophisticated H9 due here next year.

And do bear in mind that Haval SUVs are not just "really good for Chinese cars." They shine by any global standards you care to name.

But do you know what happens if you rest on your laurels? You die on them - and so to reach yet higher Olympian levels in building a better brand, Haval and GWM wants your feedback.

From 25 October to 25 November, GWM-Haval will be surveying customers for a variety of input - all aimed at one thing: enhancing every single aspect of the Haval experience from sales to service and everything in between.

And remember, the ultimate winner here is you: the customer!

Overseas Haval Car-owners could fill in the questionnaire via email links or official website, and also could be participated in interactions by distributors Facebook, etc.

Haval Owner Survey Link (EN):http://diaoyan.haval.com.cn/jq/17368768.aspx