HAVAL Entering the Middle East and Launching in Oman — Showing its Ambition in Overseas Markets

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On March 2, H9, H8, H6 and H2, the 4 classic members of HAVAL, made their debuts in Oman. Zubair Automotive Group LLC, as the local dealer of HAVAL, held a grand opening ceremony in HAVAL store in Muscat, the capital of Oman, showing the official launching of HAVAL in the gulf area of the Middle East. Entering Oman, a time-honored Arab country, HAVAL again shows its ambition in seizing more overseas markets.

In the morning of March 2, Zubair Automotive Group LLC's management team together with more than 30 important media companies in Oman gathered in the exhibition hall of the HAVAL store which is located in a bustling automotive town in Muscat, waiting for the inauguration of a grand ceremony for HAVAL's coming.
After an opening dance, Mr. Ram Mohan, the Commercial General Manager of Zubair Automotive Group LLC, welcomed all guests presenting at the ceremony from a variety of media companies and believed that HAVAL's coming into Oman would infuse new blood to the Oman's automotive market and they were very confident that HAVAL would provide the customers with all needs they want; they would be committed to bringing surprisingly good driving experiences and services with a high cost performance to all customers and making HAVAL an SUV leader in the Middle East. Following this speech, Mr. Suleiman, the Brand Manager, gave a detailed introduction of the four HAVAL members, focusing on such highlights as engines and chassis systems independently developed by Great Wall Motor Company Limited (GWM), so that the guests would have a preliminary understanding of HAVAL's advanced features and outstanding performance.

The climax of the ceremony came with the showing up of the show cars of the four classic HAVAL members. Before expectant eyes of the guests, the show cars, surrounded by colorful light and fog, were uncovered for showing their mysterious appearances. Surrounded by flickering light and pervading fog, the show cars with aggressive appearances stood in an environment like fairyland, fully showing their stylishness and brilliance. The tough off-road HAVAL H9, urban luxury HAVAL H8, practical and intelligent HAVAL H6, and stylish and user-friendly HAVAL H2, respectively being refined and elegant with distinctive styles typical of HAVAL's luxury charm, interpreted HAVAL's perfectness-oriented design language and operation philosophy.


Reporters got in the show cars in succession to personally experience the excellent workmanship of luxury and exquisite interior trims and user-friendly intelligent features and feel at close range the appeal and elegance of HAVAL, the leader brand of SUVs in China.

Located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman holds the most important oil output channel in the world and has attracted many worldwide vehicle brands by virtue of its open and pluralistic consumption environment. HAVAL, together with its H9, H8, H6 and H2, which are the four classic members, made the debut in Muscat, indicating its official entry in Oman's automotive market. Zubair Automotive Group LLC, a powerful group company formed a perfect pair with HAVAL. As also the dealer for Audi, Bentley, Jeep and many other luxury brands, Zubair is experienced in automobile sales and provision of quality after-sales services, contributing to its reputation as one of the prestigious automobile dealers in Oman, and will definitely provide powerful assistance to HAVAL in the Middle East.

The news about the launching of HAVAL in Oman was carried by many local well-known newspapers in Oman such as Al Sayarrat Newspaper, Muscat Daily, Al Watan, Al Roya and Oman Arabic Daily, attracting many new attentions on HAVAL in the gulf area. This is the second foothold established by HAVAL in the Middle East following its launching in Iraq and also a significant progress of HAVAL's grand blueprint of exploiting the Middle East market. With vision and ambition in global market, HAVAL is marching forward courageously in further expanding its overseas market shares.