H7 Leading HAVAL SUVs in the Upcoming Beijing Auto Show, Bringing Seven Highlights

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On April 25, the Fourteenth Beijing Auto Show will be held in China International Exhibition Center. In this auto show, HAVAL will appear with the theme of "HAVAL SUV - Leading the Future" at the Booth No. 04, Pavilion W4, covering an exhibition area of 1,591 m2. Sharing the same pavilion are the brands, such as BWM, Volkswagen.

You will never want to miss the seven highlights brought by HAVAL, such as the exciting launching of HAVAL H7, special delivery of red envelopes of hundred million yuan, attendance by Sun Honglei, the famous movie star…

Grand Launching of HAVAL H7 - an SUV with the Most Distinct Quality

Developed by Great Wall Motors (GWM) on a brand new platform, HAVAL H7 is a high-performance mid-sized SUV, expected to fill the blank between HAVAL H6 Coupe (the stylish model) and HAVAL H8 (the luxury model), and to be the one with the most distinct quality by highly integrating safety, environmental protection, technology, entertainment and comfort.

By virtue of its forward-looking design focusing on modern sense, exquisite workmanship superior to joint-venture brands, excellent maneuverability as well as safety and technological features surpassing its equative models, HAVAL H7 is expected to update the definition of the mid-sized SUV, to bring consumers with a brand new driving and riding experience rich in fun, sense of quality and sense of technology.

Special Delivery of Red Envelopes of Hundred Million Yuan

The event of the "Special Delivery of Red Envelopes of Hundred Million Yuan" will be held by HAVAL during this auto show. In such event, HAVAL will deliver more than one hundred million yuan of car-purchasing red envelopes and cash red envelopes to the nationwide consumers. The details of the event will be available on the HAVAL's official website and Wechat official account, to which your attention is requested so as not to miss numerous red envelopes from the HAVAL.

Attendance by Sun Honglei, the Famous Movie Star, Shining on the HAVAL's Booth

Sun Honglei, the Famous Movie Star, will attend the HAVAL's booth on April 29 and bring mysterious gift packages for the audience on spot and nationwide HAVAL fans. The audience on spot will have the opportunity to take photo with him and get autographed photo, and to get car models and other gifts.

Breathtaking Debut of Two New Concept Models

Two new concept HAVAL models are ready and will be unveiled during the auto show. One is a compact SUV intended to attract young consumer groups with its steady and kinetic design, showing the orientation of design for the red logo HAVAL in future; the other is a hybrid power-driven med-sized SUV focusing on driving performance, representing the design concept of the blue logo HAVAL in future. The two models will show the thinking and exploration of HAVAL for med-sized family SUVs in future.

Centralized Appearance of the HAVAL SUV Family

The HAVAL SUV family will make their centralized appearance in this auto show, consisting of the newly launched 1.5T H6 Coupe, red logo HAVAL H7 and blue logo HAVAL H2 expected for the models of H9 (version 2016), H8 and H6Upgrade ,H2 and H1 already in mass productions.

More Red Envelopes on Tmall.com in the "Auto Show Week"

During this show, HAVAL will closely cooperate with Tmall.com, an E-commerce giant, in providing surprises such as red envelopes and car-buying coupons. Anyone who pays attention to HAVAL's official website and flagship store on Tmall.com will obtain these gifts easily.

Booth Decorated with International Styles

Featuring the style of the Roman arena, HAVAL's booth is designed as an oval theater in two layers, covering an area of 1,591 m2. Its facade is designed with suspended cables referring to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, showing an imposing and unique manner. Its second layer is designed as an 80-meter large translucent ring curtain, which, combined with changing lighting, will provide a visual effect comparable to Hollywood movies.