Great Wall Motors in foreign students' eyes--UPC delegation visits Great Wall Motors

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On February 23, a delegation of 19 members from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), Peru visited Great Wall Motors. The staff of the HAVAL America Marketing Department of the Sales Company showed the visitors around HAVAL Technology Center, a HAVAL franchised store and Xushui Plant. The grand HAVAL Technology Center, the fashionable and high-end franchised store and the production workshop of Xushui Plant made a good impression on the Peruvian teachers and students, offering them a totally new knowledge of Great Wall Motors.

Following a brief but warm welcome ceremony, Li Yachao, manager of the HAVAL America Marketing Department of the Sales Company, introduced HAVAL brand to the visiting teachers and students. "HAVAL is a professional SUV brand built by Great Wall Motors as well as China's sole SUV expert brand. As No. 1 SUV brand in China, HAVAL aspires to be a world SUV expert brand," said him, adding, "With trendy modeling, solid craftsmanship, rich configuration, high technology content and reliable quality, HAVAL vehicles have been widely recognized in the market, and the monthly sales of the star model HAVAL H6 have reached 40,000 units. To date HAVAL has established a strong product lineup covering large, medium and mini, city and off-road, gasoline and diesel vehicles."

In the ensuing visit to HAVAL Technology Center, the Peruvian teachers and students feasted their eyes on gorgeous HAVAL models on show, such as mass-manufactured models, concept models and Dakar Racecars, as well as core automotive components independently developed by Great Wall Motors, such as engine and chassis suspension. Led by the staff, they also visited an array of advanced laboratories in the center, acquiring a general knowledge of Great Wall Motors' advanced scientific research strength.

The HAVAL franchised store has an elegant environment, with all models arranged neatly. The Peruvian teachers and students were warmly received by the store staff and invited to test-ride the vehicles. The visiting young teachers and students showed strong interest in the HAVAL models with trendy appearance and exquisite interior. "HAVAL H6 is very comfortable to ride with rich configuration including 8-inch touch screen, GPS and Engine start-stop system, hopefully it will have a broad market prospect in Peru," said a student after test-riding HAVAL H6."

HAVAL Xushui Plant is well laid out, all production equipments are working in order, all workers acting in unison and vehicles rolled off the line one after another. The full production process is closely connected and efficient, making the Peruvian teaches and students feel the strong modern atmosphere and production capacity of the plant personally.

Outside the workshop, the Peruvian teachers and students experienced a thrilling test drive. "With fine interior, tough power and outstanding acceleration performance, HAVAL H9 is a very good vehicle which offers drivers infinite fun," said a teacher after test-driving HAVAL H9.

"Great Wall Motors boasts strong research strength and a large well-equipped plant, its HAVAL models have amazing design, exquisite craftsmanship and marvelous driving performance; all these changed my recognition of Chinese auto brands," said a student after visiting Great Wall Motors.


According to the source, UPC ranks top in Peru in terms of comprehensive strength. With a high degree of internationalization, it was honored as "the Best University in Peru" in 2014 and 2015 consecutively. This was the third time that UPC's teachers and students had visited Great Wall Motors. Every year, UPC send outstanding students to China for studies and exchanges, thereby enhancing their understanding of China. The visit to Great Wall Motors was included in UPC's annual China exchange program.

Great Wall Motors has exported products to Peru for many years, and has earned a good reputation in Peru thanks to its reliable product quality. Having competed and achieved remarkable results in the Dakar Rally for five straight years, HAVAL enjoys high popularity in South America. In November 2015, HAVAL brand was launched in Peru, with trendy all-match HAVAL H2 and city intelligent HAVAL H6 available for sale in Peru.