Fashionable Intelligent Product - Brand-new HAVAL

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Fashionable Intelligent Product - Brand-new HAVAL

F-range Targets for Young

On August 28, HAVAL, the leading independent SUV brand in China, held a cutting-edge and stylish "No High No Fans - Brand-new HAVAL F-range Press Launch" at Xicun Art Space, a dazzling landmark in Chengdu. HAVAL officially unveiled its brand-new F-range and brand-new company Logo targeting young consumers. At the Conference, the HAVAL F5 and HAVAL F7 made their debut and started pre-sale.

Mr. Li Ruifeng, the Vice President of Great Wall Motor Company Limited and General Manager of its Sales Company pointed out that the HAVAL F-range was born out of realistic demands for HAVAL SUV rejuvenation and strategic demands for safeguarding the glory of being "SUV leader". In this regard, HAVAL would form an ideal SUV matrix featuring a formidable combination of the HAVAL H-range + HAVAL F-range to ensure the co-development of HAVAL in the family car market as well as the youth market.

Fashionable Brand - HAVAL defines The F3
Launching the brand new F-range marks a new chapter for HAVAL towards brand rejuvenation, intellectualization and technicalization. The HAVAL F-range is defined as "intelligent and fashionable SUVs specially tailored for young consumers and characterized by rejuvenation, intellectualization and technicalization". Mr. Wen Fei, the Deputy General Manager of Great Wall Auto Sales Co., Ltd., interpreted the product concept of F-range - "The F3": F - Future represents future-oriented automotive intelligent technologies such as intelligent connected, intelligent safety and autonomous driving; F - Fashion represents realization of resonance and intercommunication with young people by using epochal fashionable design language and diversified product styles; F - Fun represents product functionalization in the attitude of the young people in the new era to have fun in fashionable products.

As a pioneer in the market segment for young people, HAVAL F-range will focus on young consumers and meet their personalized demands with fashion styling, reveal vitality in diversified product styles and richer fashionable configurations, and reach the young people with more modern language.

Intellectualization Based on Aesthetics - HAVAL F-range Establishing "Intellectual Sense of Aesthetics" Standard

Designed for young people, the HAVAL F-range applies the intellectual sense of aesthetics and the design concept of vehicles HB-02 and HR-02. Mr. Criss, the Senior Designer of Great Wall Modeling Center pointed out that "intellectual sense of aesthetics", the aesthetic basis of HAVAL concept vehicles, is not pure aesthetic expression but is the design basis in which perceptual aesthetics and intelligent modelling are interpreted with wisdom. From sketch design to each detail design, "intellectual sense of aesthetics" is not only modeling of each vehicle but an aesthetic design system based on perceptual aesthetics and intelligent modelling. HAVAL F-range vehicle are intended to integrate fashionable elements, intelligent technologies and an amazing driving feeling and re-define "intellectual sense of aesthetics" standards.

Although HAVAL F-range target young consumer groups, HAVAL F5 and HAVAL F7 differ in the market segment and target groups and thus in design languages. HAVAL F5, defined as an fashionable intelligent-connected SUVs, expresses the "enthusiastic, freedom-pursuing, adventurous and flamboyant" characters of young people by using "Battle aesthetics" and is extremely fashionable and stylish. HAVAL F7, defined as supersensory intelligent-controlled SUVs, perfectly combines dynamic exterior design with auto engineering, innovates original design language of "extremely intelligent and smart" and defines the future with intelligent technologies. HAVAL F5 is tailored to young people pursuing personality, fashion and true-self. HAVAL F7 is tailored to fashionable tech orientated "geeks" pursuing fashion, technology, style and life sentiment.

Intelligent Connected - HAVAL F-range Defining New Intelligent Connected Lifestyle

For HAVAL, vehicles in the future will no longer exist as individuals but integrate into the Internet ecosystem to play more roles and fulfill intelligent functions and more "active" services. HAVAL intelligent connected vehicles have three major functions, i.e., promoting new dimensional perception, "made with wisdom" experiences and change in human to vehicle relations. Brand new dimensional perception refers to the brand new travel service system by integrating modules such as entertainment, travel, vehicle use and after-sales to form a perceptual ecosystem for the HAVAL F-range. Brand new "made with wisdom" experience refers to the manufacture of vehicles with full dimensional AI, changing the driving experience and making vehicles more intelligent by placing the intelligent voice system at the core. Change in human to vehicle relations refers to making the HAVAL F-range exclusively customized for users by learning mobile data and vehicle data in relation to and through super apps.

Mr. Yu Shulei, the Intelligent Connected Program Director of Great Wall R&D center pointed out that autotech in the new era should not be cold intelligent technology but people-oriented intelligent connection. Intelligent connection of and with HAVALs will bring consumers more favorable experiences of new intelligent connected lifestyles.

New Look - New Logo Presenting New Brand Image

Launching the new Haval was one of the highlights at the Conference. With the introduction of the brand new F-range, intellectualization, technicalization and rejuvenation will be the new "DNA" of HAVAL. The new logo released in this context will be conducive to building a new brand and effectively improving brand recognition.

The released new logo represents a strong sense of technology: leather underlining highlights the sense of quality, technology and industry of HAVAL; metal characters are saturated with color and the middle highlight portion reveals the brand's technical demands for continuous breakthrough. The new logo also distinguishes the youthful feature: Gray leather underlining metal bottom + metal character incorporates the most popular elements at present to show young, vigorous and enthusiastic personalities ; metal characters indicate "have all" and can reflect young people's positive attitude towards life.

As the binary stars of the HAVAL F-range, the F5 and F7 will be the first models to use the new logo. In no time, vehicles with the new logo will appear in streets and touch the heartstrings of young consumers.

HAVAL F5 is equipped with a brand new 1.5GDIT engine and 7DC Transmission and has excellent power and controlled performance. In terms of intelligent connection, HAVAL F5 can realize 7*24 intelligent private butler service and full-time exclusive manual seating service and its intelligent voice system has a recognition rate up to 97%, the highest in its class. Moreover, HAVAL F5 is also equipped with lane departure warning, blind spot detection, intelligent vehicle monitoring and some other systems.

HAVAL F7 is equipped with the latest 2.0T/1.5T direct injection engine and 7DC Transmission, and the "i-pilot" system and can realize L2-level autonomous driving. Furthermore, HAVAL F7 is also equipped with ACC, voice recognition, IOV, vehicle - mobile phone interconnection, and other fashionable equipment and peer-leading configuration such as vehicle-wide LED, door opening warning, four-wheel drive, all-terrain module, and 4G intelligent connection.

As an independent SUV brand leader, HAVAL has been advancing and developing way ahead of the game. Although the HAVAL H-range is highly praised as the "national SUV", HAVAL still targets refined market segments to launch HAVAL F-range towards younger groups. It can be safely expected that the H and F-ranges will certainly drive HAVAL SUV to realize its goals of being the "global SUV leader".