Fashion Pioneer with the Ability to Battle in the Youth Market-Haval F Range "Binary Star" Sparkles in "Land of Abundance"

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On August 31, 2018, Haval showed its two highly significant models the H and F ranges, under the theme of "It is hard to hide its Wisdom and Control of the Future" at the Chengdu Motor Show 2018 and after the launch ceremony of the brand-new intelligent and fashionable F range. As the new force behind the Haval brand, the F range "binary star made a shining appearance at the auto show, injecting elements such as youthfulness, sportiness and greater intelligence into the brand with several kinds of fashion trends and starting the new era of the youthful strategy of the Haval brand.

As a leader of independent SUVs, the Haval H range has achieved great success in the SUV market. The F range launched was the product sequence segmented for young customers based on the demands of market, development and consumption trends. The Vice General Manager of GWM sales company Wen Fei said, "The F range will create the next ultimate vision of Haval as a pioneer and define the trend with ultimate vision, targeting intelligence, technology and youthfulness, in accordance with a grander globalized deployment strategy!"

New Look - Youth Route of Haval F Range

Mr. Wen Fei started the perception trip of Haval brand with a set of numbers in the press conference. First, three key challenges for Haval were announced. He explained, "It is the first time in the development history of Chinese car brands that Haval has led local SUVs to counterattack JV brands; it is a fact that the Haval H6 kept the SUV sales champion for 62 accumulated months; guided by the focus strategy, "No. 1 dream" for Haval that aims at being the global leader of SUVs should be fulfilled."

Second, 2 definitions were proposed. As we all know, the Haval H range is the main force driving the Haval brand, and its advocacy of "Define delicacy with quality" successfully balances performance and quality, constantly refreshing the quality standards of local SUVs. Focusing on intelligence, technology and youth, the Haval F range would lead the development of the next-generation SUVs with the concept of "Define the trend with ultimate vision".

"All this comes from highly focused workmanship. Haval firmly believes that only meticulousness can create excellence and because of this precision and paranoia, Haval has a deeper understanding of the current market." Mr. Wen Fei said that in the face of the market where the main vehicle owners became younger from the new starting point of brand development, Haval's strategy was "no reckless action without impressing prospective buyers". Haval intends to impress and resonate with young people by truly integrating the "younger owner" element into its brand genes.

Then, Mr. Wen Fei interpreted the core concept of the new F range - F3 extreme definition of the trend: F=Fun, refers to the image label of the Haval F range and empowers the product with the approach of respecting young people; F=Fashion, refers to the design label of Haval F range and the fashionable design language of the times; F=Future, refers to the technology label of Haval F range and the automotive intelligent technology for the future.

Therefore, the users to which the Haval F range is oriented are the new post-90s generation bent on making progress. Agreeing with the viewpoint of car as a status symbol, they pay close attention to technology, appearance and personalized style and show their own personality with coolness. They also attach importance to pleasure brought by technology. Therefore, all of them are defined as "Hi Fans" by the Haval F range.

The Haval F range is created for the new generation of trendy and fashionable young people, so it adheres to the design idea of being "intelligent and aesthetic", and the product design language derived from concept cars like HB-02 and HR-02 runs through the design from the very beginning of the product design. Mr. Chris, the senior designer of GWM Modeling Center, introduced that the Haval concept cars' aesthetic foundation "intelligence based perceptual aesthetics" was not a simple aesthetic expression, but an interpretation of perceptual aesthetics with intelligence and a design basis for intelligent modeling. Intelligence based perceptual aesthetics is not only for the style of cars, but also an aesthetic design system created by a combination of perceptual aesthetics and intelligent modeling from design sketches to the manifestation of every detail. The Haval F range is striving to integrate fashion, technology, intelligence and driving experience to create a standard for "intelligence based perceptual aesthetics".

Two Haval F models will be launched in 2018. As pioneers unveiling the Haval brands oriented to young people, the Haval F5, a dedicated brand new "sporty and stylish SUV", will be officially launched in September, and the more intelligence-centric Haval F7 will be officially launched in November. In terms of orientation, the Haval F range (Binary star) F5 and F7 are entirely different due to their own clear and specific product personality and target consumer groups: F5 has trendy, intelligent and stylish features and impressive appearance, and is oriented to trendy young people of distinct personality and attitude; F7 has leading intelligent technology and shows an enterprising attitude typical of young people and focuses on tech-minded "geeks" who attach importance to fashion, technology and life style. It is said that an SUV with high performance that meets the demands of young people in terms of driving, control and performance will also be launched in the market in 2019. This SUV will show the outstanding performance of the Haval F range at the acme based on its powerful intelligent technology.

A new Haval brand logo was also announced at the press conference. With the launch of Haval F range and the implementation of Haval's globalization strategy, the new Haval brand logo will be officially used worldwide.

Fashionable "Binary Stars" Booked for the Trend of Rejuvenation

As the first task of the Haval F-range, Haval F5 perfectly balances the round profile and technology features and adopts the "Battle aesthetic" design language in its styling, making it full of surprises. The use of swift and fierce lines, the design similar to sports car styling and the red and black interior trims with battle features make the car full of hormonal agitation and strength, thereby meeting the aesthetic needs of "Attitudinal Youth". Through innovative size and space applications, Haval F5 can bring extraordinary value to users in the new era. Its style is younger and more sport oriented, pursuing the balance between art and reality and making people feel cool, fashionable and comfortable.

In terms of power, Haval F5 carries a 1.5T direct injection turbocharged engine. It spares no effort in the configuration of intelligent and technological devices. A range of powerful intelligent interconnection functions, such as 20 million online music listings, 100-megabyte fiber-optic speed experience, 7*24-hour intelligent private butler service, and 12.3" LCD meter which is the largest one equipped on the car of the same level, satisfy the needs of young consumers. For the "Attitudinal Youth" of the online generation, Haval F5 is no longer a simple mechanical product, but an advanced intelligent travel partner with temperature and emotion.

As the second model of Haval F-range, Haval F7 undertakes Haval F brand's mission of being younger and smarter. Therefore, it is tailored with a new platform, adopts a new design language, and pays more attention to the balance between comfort and sportiness. In terms of power, in addition to the 1.5T engine, it is equipped with Haval's latest 2.0T engine and provided with six intelligent driving modes to realize comprehensive road condition adaptability, thus bringing the best driving experience to those young "geeks".

Haval F7, with intelligence as its core and comprehensive technology configurations, can satisfy more of the young users' imagination around "black technologies". In addition to ACC, voice recognition and vehicle-mobile phone interconnection, Haval F7 is also provided with peer-leading configurations such as LED light sources, wireless charging of mobile devices and door opening warnings. Furthermore, it is equipped with the "i-pilot" intelligent navigation system to realize L2 automatic driving and the freeing of hands.

Haval brand has never been just a gorgeous expression of innovation and breakthrough. Like the two products of Haval F-range at the Chengdu Auto Show, it is a tangible product for people to see, touch and feel. After being launched to the market, the products are expected to bring a lot more surprises to consumers!