Fame follows merits: Haval H9 honored as Best SUV in 2015

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In the recent selection of "Best SUV in 2015" organized by XCAR, Haval H9 snatched the award of "Best SUV in 2015" by virtue of its strong off-road performance and outstanding customer reputation. Positioned as an "all-terrain seven-seat SUV", Haval H9 is a powerful deluxe medium & large SUV. Since its launch in November 2014, it has been widely well received by consumers and the media, achieved the highest sales in the medium & large SUV segment and deservedly became the Best SUV in 2015..

According to the source, the selection is made based on opinions of media professionals and mass XCAR users according to the international measures for selecting vehicles of the year, and strives to contribute third parties' fair and just opinions to China. Since its inauguration in 2007, the selection has been highly authentic, objective and fair with the extensive participation of Internet users.

Haval H9's strong off-road performance is attributable to its professional SUV chassis design. It has a separate frame body. The independent rigid frame which can withstand huge road impact, combined with the professional SUV chassis adapted to off-road and harsh conditions, makes the overall structure more solid. Haval H9 is also China's only independent the only all-terrain SUV model developed by Chinese independent OEM. The all-terrain feedback system can adjust the engine, transmission and chassis based on road conditions, to make Haval H9 handle severe weather and extreme road conditions such as snowfield, swamp, desert, beach and muddy mountain road with ease.

After a succession of events such as centralized media test drive, deep test drive, winter test drive and "Qinghai-Tibet Winter Challenge" around the launch of Haval H9, numerous mainstream media outlets and consumers recognized the quality of Haval H9. As a model breaking the ceiling of independent brands, Haval H9 achieved monthly sales of 2,245 units in the first month after its launch in November 2014 and has achieved cumulative sales of 12,844 units since its launch. Thus, Haval truly deserves the award of "Best SUV in 2015".