Debut and Test Drive of HAVALH2 in Paraguay Gain High Praises from the Media

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On March 19, 2016, Golden Arrow S.A., a dealer of GWM in Paraguay, held a wonderful test drive ceremony for HAVAL H2, attended by 8 well-known local media on invitations, including Motorpy, a professional automotive information website, and TV Clase A, an automotive TV station. By virtue of its fashionable appearance, delicate interior design and powerful engine, HAVAL H2 had perfectly shown its outstanding and marvelous performances in the test drive, and got unanimous praises from the media.

At 10 a.m., the ceremony was held in BLUE BOX, a quiet and comfortable place full of trees and birds and away from cities in Paraguay. As invited guests, media reporters learnt detailed information about HAVAL H2 from Golden Arrow's staff, and were so attracted by such information that they could not wait to see the real show car.

Dipped in the passionate music, HAVAL H2 was uncovered from its mysterious veil and shown to audiences. Golden Arrow's staff introduced systematically about brand concept and features of HAVALH2. Attracted by HAVAL H2's exquisite and smart appearance, delicate interior design, rich and practical features and larger indoor space than other European and American SUVs in the same appearance size, media reporters successively got into HAVAL H2 to statically experience it.

Soon afterwards, Golden Arrow organized a test drive for media in La Salud Park. Provided with a 1.5T engine and a 6AT gearbox, which constitute an optimal power train considering both power and emission into account, HAVAL H2 realized not only abundant power, but also considerable fuel economy. Equipped with the SUV-oriented chassis system, ESP system and 235/55 R18 tires superior than the current mainstream, HAVAL H2 provided the drivers and passengers with a relaxed, comfortable and safe experience during their test drive and riding in urban areas.

 Having experienced the remarkable driving and riding comforts and outstanding performances, media reporters in succession gave their high praises to HAVAL H2, and believed that HAVAL, as a synonym for SUV, would bring luxury and exclusive SUV experiences to local users.

In April, Golden Arrow will completely set up the first local HAVALshowroom, and then HAVAL will formally access to the local market in Paraguay----an island surrounded by land. This will be a significant strategic achievement for HAVAL to access to South America market.