Chinese SUV leader Haval defends championship of the 2014CGR known as "Chinese Dakar Rally"

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On September 12, 2014 the China Grand Rally (CGR) was wrapped up in Dunhuang after 12 days competition. As a result, China's most prestigious international off-road team–Haval Team–led all the way and eventually defended the championship as expected.


CGR matches Dakar Rally in difficulty, two Haval racecars keep far ahead all the way

Co-organized by the Automobile and Motorcycling Administrative Center of the General Administration of Sport of China (GAS) and CCTV Sports Channel (CCTV-5), CGR is known as the "Chinese Dakar Rally" in the industry as the longest and toughest off-road rally that has the most difficult stages and crosses the most provinces in China. This year, the rally covered nearly 7,000 kilometers and crossed China's three major deserts. The special sections measuring a total of over 2,000 kilometers, and the schedule of 13-day continuous competition without a break, made this year's rally the most difficult ever.

Nevertheless, Haval Team which kept ahead from the very beginning did not encounter any obstacle, with two racecars finishing in the top three in almost every stage, claiming the top two places more often and enjoying an overwhelming lead by a margin of over one hour at one time. CGR Director Hubert Auriol said that it was Haval Team that had made this year's rally more brilliant.

Referring to the outstanding results, Haval driver Han Wei said, "The results are attributable to the Haval racecars' strong performance and Haval Team's professional strength. From parts maintenance to logistics management, from logistics support to tactics & strategies, just as it conducts rigid tests of Haval products, Haval Team has shown professional and systematic competition management in CGR. This is just the professional competence gradually developed by Haval in off-road races since its birth, especially in the Dakar Rally against world top brands for five consecutive years."


Advocate spirit of challenge and responsibility, continue Dakar success

According to sources, Haval has been committed to testing, developing and reserving SUV products and technologies, and shaping its professional brand image through top off-road races.

In 2010, Haval Team conquered the Dakar Rally, known as a "devil rally", for the first time on behalf of Chinese auto brands, kicking off the Dakar journey of Chinese auto brands. In 2011, the team achieved the best-ever result (22nd place) of Chinese teams as a good beginning. In 2012, the team made history by finishing 6th overall. In 2014, the new Haval racecar performed strongly, claimed 1st place in the first stage as a new milestone in China's racing sports, and was ranked among the top eight in the overall standings to secure a place in the leading group of the Dakar Rally. Over the past five years, the team has kept refreshing the best results of Chinese auto brands in the Dakar Rally, writing a history in which Chinese auto teams competed with world top teams in the rally.

From CGR to the Dakar Rally, Haval has never ceased to challenge harsh tracks, but has competed for success in both races and markets over the past decade. The off-road newbie in those days has become a rising SUV star on the world stage. Haval has been trusted by global consumers for its outstanding quality and superior performance.


To date, Haval has had over 1.5 million SUV units possessed worldwide and left its opponents far behind in the Chinese SUV market by its 11 consecutive championships. Haval has become a worthy "No. 1 SUV brand in China", which is writing a brilliant chapter for Chinese independent auto brands in both markets and races.