Challenge never ends, Haval H8/H9 Tour in Rainforest to Kick off

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Within the two weeks following the successful conclusion of Desert Challenge Journey, Haval H8/H9 will set about the Rainforest Challenge Journey on 31 October. Different from the Desert Challenge Journey which is full of spongy sandy lands, the rainforest teems with wet, slippery, and muddy road will help test Haval H8/H9’s fording ability and maximum trafficability. In the journey, the “Muddy Land” model of Haval H9’s all-terrain control system will become a key factor for the success of challenge, and also Haval H8 will exert its trafficability that is better compared to ordinary city SUV. In addition, maneuverability and comfort in poor road conditions will become the priorities of experience. 

From desert to rainforest, Haval H8/H9 shows its strength with challenge

Haval H8/H9 Rainforest Challenge Journey will begin in Jinghong of Yunnan City on 31 October and then pass across a lot of famous landmarks like Menglun, Mengla, Mohan, Menglun, and Kongming Mountain, etc. After five days of driving, the journey will end in Jinghong. With a total distance covered of 806 kilometers, the circuit is characterized by its diverse and complicated road conditions for the tropical rainforest’s weather, for example, narrow muddy road full of bends amid banana plants and rubber plants, Xiaomo Highway, broken stone pavement, and muddy road with deep water, etc., all of which constitute a professional test field for SUV. 

The challenge circuit will adopt multi-subject setting, in order to fully display Haval H8 double -wishbone type front suspension system’s reliability and guiding advantages, lightweight and multi-link rear suspension’s strengths and linkage ability, ZF6 automated manual transmission’s excellent driving pleasure, and the audiovisual system that brings superb experience.

According to the exploration coach, at the final stage of the rainforest challenge, Haval H8/H9 will go deep into Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest’s hinterland, so as to endure the final test in such a primitive forest without records of vehicle driving. In this challenge, the “Muddy Land” model of Haval H9’s all-terrain control system will become the keynote, and strong advantages of the masculine off-road vehicle Haval H9 will be fully exerted by the separate frame construction, TOD intelligent four-wheel drive system, and rear axle Eaton differential lock, etc. 

Since Haval H9 and Haval H8 successively came into the market, Haval SUV has sponsored a lot of activities (like Test Drive on Snowy and Icy Road, Challenge Qinghai-Tibet Route in Winter, and Desert Challenge) to test the product quality in Northeast’s chilly region, Tibet’s highland region, and Northwest’s desert and arid region. This time, the challenge across the rainforest at the frontier in southwest of China will put an end to Haval SUV’s ultimate challenges against high-altitude and chilly region, plateau, and extremely low adhesive force.

Haval is a leading brand amongst Chinese SUV manufacturers. And Haval H8/H9 Desert & Rainforest Challenge Journey stands for Haval SUV’s strong faith in its product quality and performance, as well as represents Haval SUV’s open mind in braving test and making improvement from challenge.