Brand-new WEY VV6 "Intelligent" Luxury SUV Launched!

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On August 27, WEY, the Luxury SUV leader in China, launched the VV6 at the Product Launch Conference held in Jingyuan Art Center, Beijing. WEY VV6 is positioned as "Intelligent Luxury" and 5 models have been introduced to date.

As a brand new masterpiece of WEY in this intelligent driving category, the VV6, by virtue of its great technical strength, will drive the Intelligent Luxury SUV segment into an era for WEY in China. At the Conference, WEY, together with Baidu, also announced their strategic cooperation and future development blueprint - in addition to introducing VV6.

Mr. Jens, CEO of WEY, said "VV6 represents both the endless potential of WEY in the intelligent driving segment as well as perfect practice towards accelerated brand intellectualization processes. I am reasonably certain that VV6, for intelligent luxury and intelligent safety, will be another stronghold for WEY to consolidate its market position and bring about an amazing travel experience".

With intelligent luxury as the primary feature, VV6 can assure a worry-free driving experience.

At the Conference, the debut of the superstar VV6 brought the whole hall to rapture. As a new masterpiece of WEY demonstrating intellectualization and expressing intelligent lifestyle, VV6 embodies two lines of DNA - safety and luxury, along with the "intelligent" safety and luxury experience. In terms of intelligent safety, VV6 is equipped with the Collie 2.0 Intelligent Safety System. In this way, 20 intelligent assisting technologies like bicycle identification, AEB (autonomous emergency braking) adopted prolifically amongst peers, ACC (adaptive cruise control) designed to work from zero speed, ICA (Intelligent Cruise Assist) and TJA (Traffic Jam Assist) with the highest standards amongst peers endows it with the highest safety level of all in this class and raises the intelligent safety concepts to an unprecedented height.

Furthermore, VV6 is produced under the most rigorous and controlled standards - the 2018 C-NACP - and based on 3DP design concept of "full protection of occupant, pedestrian and vehicle". In addition, 29 general safety configurations are provided to strongly guarantee the safety system. The most remarkable feature is that VV6 applies BorgWarner's i-4WD system and integrates all-terrain control in a "3+3" mode. This creates a most pleasing control experience for the driver, further improves the vehicle's outright safety and perfectly interprets and demonstrates the intelligent safety concept. In terms of intelligent luxury, VV6 delivers the very essence & core of comfort : offering occupants a quiet cockpit experience by integrating six mute technologies superior to NVH criteria; having the most comfortable and spacious interior space seen from the body dimension and spatial layout and making all occupants enjoy the journey with its top-level NAPPA perforated leather seats.

In addition to comfort, VV6 also delivers highly luxurious intelligent interconnection : Occupants, through 4G IOV, can remotely start the vehicle, activate A/C at a preset time, etc. In this way, every step and feature is easily and conveniently controlled for a more convenient lifestyle. It is easy to see that the VV6 is leading the industry into a new era of intelligent luxury and provides Chinese consumers with a worry-free intelligent travelling solution. As the new flagship of intelligent luxury SUV, we believe that the launch of the VV6 will lead the Chinese (and world) SUV markets into a whole new learning curve !

From the outset of the strategic cooperation with Baidu, WEY is committed to becoming a leader in intelligent vehicles!

As the famous saying goes "he who plays chess plays the whole game" and the arrival of the VV6 represents a breakthrough "chess-game" for WEY in the "intelligent" vehicle sector, although even this is not enough for WEY. Within the context and auspices of the national strategy "Made in China 2025" and driven by the intelligent waves of growth within the automobile industry, WEY works plans in advance and actively pursues and evolves into intellectualization with the aim of providing intelligent vehicles with the most advanced intelligent technologies well up to the demands of Chinese consumers - thus demonstrating its leading and proprietary intellectualization strength.

In 2017, WEY succeeded in taking the lead in the intelligent automobile industry by relying on the "i-Pilot" autopilot system. Subsequently, the inauguration of the Comprehensive Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test Site provided favorable resources for intelligent driving test. At the Conference, WEY invited its strategic partner Baidu and jointly announced three breaking news items: "WEY is the first Chinese car brand starting cooperation with Baidu in terms of high precision map mass production", "WEY is the first auto manufacturer opening the traditional fuel vehicle hardware platform to Apollo in China" and "WEY delivers the first VV6s as vehicles for Baidu's intelligent driving independent research, development and testing". This demands the attention of the tech and automobile sectors and also shows WEY's strength, determination and commitment to the "intelligent - vehicle" segment. Due to complementary advantages and strong cooperation with Baidu, WEY will achieve more intelligent R&D results, continuously promote intelligent driving and truly become the leader of intelligent mobility into the future!

Mr. Li Zhenyu, Vice President of Baidu and General Manager of IDG also said at the Conference "It is a great pleasure to see Baidu and WEY's cooperation in autonomous driving. We will actively promote implementation of intelligent driving in mass production, jointly creating a new era of autonomous driving and contribute more to human travel."

In addition to Mr. Li Zhenyu, Mr. Yan ShiFu, the Vice President of Bosch Chassis Systems Control China, Mr. Zhu Xichan, Professor of College of Automotive Studies, Tongji University and Director of Institute of Automotive Safety Technology, and Mr. Guan Xin, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars, Director of Automobile Research Institute, Jilin University and Vice Chairman of SAE-China also attended the conference and conducted summit dialogue and in-depth discussion in the most heated "intelligent" related topics. This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, and as two industry experts said, it will undoubtedly be a good time for Chinese vehicles to seize the commanding heights of advanced technology by developing intelligent vehicles. We believe that WEY can seize this opportunity and help Chinese brands to achieve "curve overtaking". Bosch also expressed that it would continue its intense technical cooperation with WEY to enjoy intelligent dividends and jointly lead the intellectualization processes. We believe that WEY can double its might with technologies from multi-partners and really start a powerful intelligence engine which will improve and drive the Chinese automobile industry!