Beyond Luxury, Inherent Magnificence Australian Media’s Evaluation on H8

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Ever since the launch of HAVAL brand in Australia, it has attracted extensive attention from the media, among which, the independent Australian automotive review website CarAdvice has conducted a test drive evaluation of HAVAL H8 and given out their comments about the quality of HAVAL.

HAVAL has already held successful Brand & Model Launch Ceremony in the Carousel, Alert Park, Melbourne, Austrilia. Ever since its appearance in the market, HAVAL brand has received wide attention from the automotive media.

The independent Australian automotive review website CarAdvice conducted a test drive evaluation of HAVAL H8. CarAdvice specializes in evaluations of newly launched vehicle models, and with a monthly readership of 300,000, it has already become one of the largest automotive review websites in Australia.

It is pointed out in the evaluation that some Chinese brands have already been sold in Australia, but the latest competitor, HAVAL, is quite distinctive from others. Pricing of HAVAL H8 is close to its Japanese and Korean competitors, and some of its design inspirations are from its European competitors. HAVAL H8 is positioned as a luxury brand, and it tries to “win the hearts and minds among Australian families”. Speaking of luxury, it does not only comes to its price, but also indicates heaps of features..

Appearance: the family featured chrome-plated front grille improves the sense of luxury and highlights high-end off-road feature; the 3D crystal headlight group is unified with the front appearance, and the LED lights are quite fashionable and dynamic; the forward-leaning dynamic high-beltline muscles illustrates the value of the vehicle. All these demonstrate its majestic demeanor.

Vehicle Interior: high-end luxury power seat, eight-way electric power+massage

function front seats and leg support make an extraordinarily comfortable experience. The excellent leather accented seats, as well as the advanced technology, produce a remarkable riding experience. The Infinity/Harman sound-system is characterized by an abundant sense of bass, as if passengers were enjoying a sensational theater-level audio feast.

The evaluation also gave a favorable assessment of the space of HAVAL H8: the big mouth design of the luggage boot, the extra-large capacity, and 4/6 folding of the rear-row. The high-end version employs the power-driven stepless adjustable rear back door(LUX only), which can meet the storage demand of all kinds of people, and the super wheelbase creates enough space for the head and legs, providing a more comfortable riding experience. All these demonstrate its majestic power.

It is also indicated in the evaluation that HAVAL H8 has evident pros and cons in the local auto market. On one hand, it is characterized by the well designed interior, spacious seats in the rear-row and carrying capacity. On the other hand, the retail price of nearly 50 thousand AUD is close to many competitors. It takes a little bit courage to buy a newly-introduced brand at such a cost.

The appearance of HAVAL brand in Australia has caused many different opinions; however, HAVAL are being gradually recognized in Australia: it had its first buyer soon after its appearance in the market, which verifies the quality of HAVAL product. Just as it was mentioned in the evaluation: Best wishes and luck to HAVAL.