Amazing Experience Ride of HAVAL Car Owners in Chile

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To extend gratitude and give back to HAVAL customers for their trust and make customers fully experience HAVAL’s super performance under various road conditions, Derco S.A., the HAVAL dealer in Chile organized the first experience drive journey for HAVAL car owners in early May. Along this journey, the car owners not only got comprehensive exceptional driving feelings of HAVAL SUV, but also had access to magnificent mountains and spectacular natural scenery.

At eight o’clock in the morning, twenty HAVAL car owners accompanied with their friends and relatives gathered at Movicenter of HAVAL exclusive store and took a family photo in the Auto Exhibition Area with HAVAL H2 that would carry them to begin a field trip. HAVAL H2, with “a smile” on its big-mouth front face, a typical feature of the HAVAL family, was quite eye-catching among the crowd.

Afterwards, an orderly fleet of HAVAL H2 embarked on their journey to the beautiful Casablanca Valley, which might be familiar to those fond of wine as it is a world-renowned wine region . When the fleet moved on the highways winding through mountains, morning mist and sea wind greeted them thanks to the fairly low altitude of hills. While enjoying the natural scenery, HAVAL car owners keenly felt the glamour of HAVAL H2 racing on the highways and understood its capability of coping with bumpy and complex road conditions including uphill and downhill, earth road, and gravel road. So fantastic that, the bright, color all-matched Haval H2 fleet also made a sight in the valley.

After a two-hour ride, they came to the famous Tunkuen Beach where the drive journey climaxed with the barbecue well prepared by Derco S.A.. Everyone actively shared their ride experience while enjoying their meals, and laughter was heard throughout their meal.

HAVAL H2 exhibited outstanding performance throughout the journey and was more than capable of coping with complex road conditions by drawing on its comfortable suspension and flexible operating performance. The event won high praise from HAVAL car owners as well as their friends and relatives, who one after another expressed their favor and support to HAVAL brand and thanked the HAVAL dealer for organizing such an experience activity, which deepened the relations of HAVAL family members.