All New Haval H6 Successfully Marched into the Chilean Market and got the locals talking

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The new Haval H6 has recently landed in Chile, the world's narrowest country. On October 22nd, witnessed by 13 Prominent Automotive journalists, the new Haval H6 was officially launched.

In the early stage of the listing, the Haval Chilean distributor Delco organized a two-day secondary dealer training session, and invited 140 dealer representatives to participate, covering all sales outlets in Chile. The two-day event not only introduced the Haval brand to dealers, but also further analyzed the competitiveness of the new Haval H6. Dealers have said that the design, performance and technical advantages of the new Haval H6 will doubtlessly rank among the best-selling models in Chile.

On the day of the launch, Chilean dealers invited 13 professional automotive media agencies to travel from San Diego to the provincial capital of Temuco in southern Chile to partake in the new Haval H6 Appreciation Gala. The new H6 lined up in convoy at the airport, so that the distinguished guests could be driven in the style and comfort to the Parque Futangue Ecological Reserve. Parque Futangue is one of the most important ecological reserves in Chile. It attracts a large number of tourists every year with its complete ecosystem and rare vegetation.

Upon arriving at the scenic spot, the journalists could not wait to test drive the new H6 in various road conditions situated in the region. After the 500KM test drive encounter through mountains and waters, the reporters from La Tercera of Chile stated "The new H6 is here to redefine the people's definition of a SUV". The reporter from Auto cosmos, a Latin American regional car website, was overjoyed to take a group picture with the vehicle, showing the astonishing exterior and interior of the vehicle.

At the product promotion meeting, Jose Miguel Silva, Business Manager in Chile, presented a detailed introduction of the appearance, interior and safety configurations of the All New Haval H6, and defined the original purpose of introducing the model: "The inherent nature of humans is competition, especially in Chile, where the fittest reside. GWM has always been the Chinese automotive brand with the best reputation since it entered Chile in 2006. GWM has built a good reputation and high-level recognition from customers due to its brand and product quality. After 11 years of growth, we brought the All New Haval H6 here with its brand-new concept in order to achieve further leap and breakthrough. Haval is the world's leading SUV brand. As the inconceivable Chinese car with the largest market scale and the most competitiveness in the global SUV market, the Haval H6 will certainly become a highlight in Chile.

The appreciation event for the All New Haval H6 came to the end with the fragrance of roast and red wine. Together with the H2, H7 and H6 sport, the all New Haval H6 has fortified Haval's product lineup and formed a perfect layout. The powerful combination will also cause a chain reaction and achieve a qualitative leap in both public praise and sales volume.