Advance bravely in front of the strong, Haval opens a new chapter for China’s Auto Sports

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After 13 stages in two weeks, the 2015 Silk Road China Grand Rally (CGR 2015) spanning 5614 kilometers ended successfully. As the mostly favored team in China, Haval's Han Wei/Pan Hongyu and Christian Lavieille/Garcin Jean-Pierre ranked the third and fourth in 24 hours 1 minute 25 seconds and 24 hours 6 minutes 45 seconds respectively.

"Dakar Rally" China Grand Rally is by far one of the most difficult grand rallies in the world. The coming of "King of Dakar" Stephane Peterhansel upgraded the grand rally sports to a new height. "With the join of more high-level international racers and teams, China Grand Rally is becoming an international event", Haval's Han said "the spirit of motor sports is to struggle constantly and surpass oneself, and Haval's team will renew the record in challenges."

Challenging "Peter the Great", Haval's team makes continuous progress

In front of the top-level competitor, who had won eleven trophies in Dakar Rally, Haval's team, as a defending champion, suffered from a great pressure. Meanwhile, Peugeot's Stephane Peterhansel even put out the high aspirations, which could not be matched by other teams no matter in experienced racers or powerful logistical support and financial support. However, the whole race was not without any suspense.

Haval's car is crossing the desert

Confronted by Peugeot's team which was stronger in comprehensive strength, Haval's team presented a remarkable performance, not merely surpassing in several stages, but also taking the lead in SS1 and SS9 stages. For instance, in the first stage with various sharp turns and gravels, Han won a victory smoothly, out of the expectations of many professionals; in the ninth stage (Super Short Stage of Demonstration Race), Christian took the first place in 1 minute 16 seconds despite of the muddy and slippery track; in the tenth stage mostly challenged by slippery tracks, Han was only behind the first-ranked Peterhansel with 19 seconds; in "demon" desert stage, Christian overtook the rest successfully in stable pace in several key turning points.

Haval's car is running through the gravel track

Lay equal stress on challenge and study, Haval pursues self-surpass

Although it failed to win three successive championships, it seemed to Haval that there were still abundant achievements. "The result is expected." Manager Tian Lijing of Great Wall Auto Sports Department indicated, "in front of the powerful opponents, Haval's team not only realized self-surpass, but also carried out the exchange and study with opponents. In the confrontation with Peugeot in home field, just like the confrontation with Volkswagen, MINI and Toyota in Dakar field, what we learned from it is more valuable."

Haval's car has a strong climbing momentum

Indeed, the discussion with idol racers after the race nearly became a routine. For instance, Han admired "Peter the Great" very much for his wining of slippery SS10 stage, and meanwhile, French marveled at Haval's team which followed closely and lagged behind in 19 seconds. Haval’s racers felt the great benefit from the communications aiming at the driving skills and technical support in special road conditions, like the sand dune. "Although I was in the fourth place, it was much faster this year", Christian indicated.

Haval's racers are discussing details of the race

Learning from the strong, China’s Auto Sports sets out again

Actually, the rising of auto race in China also reflects the increasingly mature automobile market, and more and more consumers start to focus on the culture of auto sports and fun of driving. However, compared with the highly mature auto sports in Europe and America, China’s auto sports is still in the start-up stage.

Nevertheless, with the constant PK between China’s team represented by Haval and strong international team like Peugeot, China’s auto sports will develop rapidly. On one hand, the join of international team in China’s race will increase the watching focus and enhance the popularity and sense of identity among the masses, and more importantly, it will also improve the standard of China Grand Rally and promote China’s events stepping towards the international races. On the other hand, the competitions with world-class teams may contribute to the growth of China’s teams, as well as the total improvement of racing skills.

CGR 2015 ended successfully

As the leader of China’s SUV, Haval spares no efforts in promoting the development of China’s Auto Sports. Besides preparing for all kinds of competitions positively, it also implants the spirit of Auto Sports in the brand. It is believed that China’s Auto Sports will go further and further with the join of more and more self-owned auto brands.