With Five Leading Brands, GWM Sold 92,000 Units in April, with YoY Surge of 14%

On May 10, GWM released the sales data in April 2021. In April, GWM sold 91,784 new cars, with a YoY surge of 14%, of which 82,703 units were sold in China, with a YoY increase of 5%, and 9,081 units were sold overseas, with a YoY increase of 349%. From January to April, the cumulative sales volume of GWM reached 430,582 units, up 86% year on year.

HAVAL had a sales volume of 55,018 in April and 277,746 units in total from January to April, a 70% increase over the last year. GWM Pickup had a sales volume of 20,200 units and a cumulative sales of 79,588 units from January to April, up 71% year on year. The brand sales accounted for nearly 50% of the overall domestic market. GWM POER had a sales volume of 10,006 units in April, with a YoY growth of 25%, ranking the top in pickup sales. For ORA, the sales volume was increased by 324% over the last year in April and 38,159 units were sold totally from January to April, with a YoY surge of 754%, securing its position among Tier I new energy vehicle brands. For TANK 300, 5,500 units were sold, with a month-on-month increase of 10%, and a total of 19,823 units were sold from January to April.

In terms of overseas markets, GWM successively expanded the markets of Egypt, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia with its brands and products in April, making further breakthroughs in the globalization strategy. Besides, HAVAL brand of GWM won the "China Brand Leader" award rated by Za Rulem, an authoritative automobile media in Russia, by virtue of its excellent market performance.

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, as the only international auto show launched normally this year, provides a good opportunity for GWM to voice overseas directly and invite foreign diplomats from overseas markets in China to visit and investigate the site, so as to expand global economic and trade relations. GWM also demonstrated its international modeling team and modeling and design concept and broadcast the exhibition stand and products in English, Spanish, and Arabic on the site together with CGTN, profoundly embodying its firm internationalization strategy.

With full momentum, GWM forges ahead robustly. At the forefront of the reform of the global automobile industry, GWM will continue to adopt the user-oriented thinking, resolve to transform itself, and embark on a new journey of development with the Super Carrier (5 automobile brands and 5 parts companies).