With "5+5" Best Team in History, GWM "Super Carrier" Shines at Auto Shanghai 2021

On April 19, GWM "Super Carrier" appeared at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2021 (Auto Shanghai 2021). Members of the "5 + 5" carrier combat group include HAVAL, GWM Pickup, WEY, ORA, and officially independent and first debuted TANK. These five vehicle brand, together with five major parts companies, namely, FTXT, HYCET, Exquisite Auto, NOBO AUTO and MIND, launched the "GWM Boom" at Auto Shanghai 2021 to show the core strength.

HAVAL Shows Muscles with Six New Vehicles, and New Generation Design Sets New Trend in China

At the Auto Shanghai 2021 , HAVAL brand brought six new major models, such as HAVAL X DOG, new flagship SUV concept vehicle HAVAL-XY, 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 5G Edition, HAVAL H6 China-Chic Edition, HAVAL Dagou (Chinese name for Big Dog)2.0T Full Version and HAVAL Chitu (Chinese name for Red Hare), and released the sales objective of 1.3 million in 2023, showing the strongest strength of Chinese brands and global confidence in competitive strategy.

At the press conference, based on HAVAL X DOG and HAVAL-XY, HAVAL's new generation design philosophy was officially unveiled. Among them, HAVAL X DOG adopts the "dare power aesthetics," and emphasizes that “to be brave to think and act, be boundless”. The appearance is angular, and the interior trims are well arranged and matched with contrasting color materials. It is bold and sharp, but orderly. HAVAL-XY adopts "super time and space sharp aesthetics" to capture inspiration from time and space and the starry sky, which shows the aesthetic design integrating the eternity and the future, and carries the mission of conveying HAVAL China's future view and aesthetic standard.

At the same time, HAVAL announced that it will promote the L.E.M.O.N. platform to a higher-level in the future, and access the world's first true full-redundancy mass production platform of "COFIS" intelligent system, leading the automatic driving. The 3rd Gen HAVAL H6 5G Edition, the first 5G model of L.E.M.O.N. platform, also officially made its debut. It is a brand-new model and equipped with a 7nm program-level chip to thoroughly open the 5G smart travel era with the stronger strength.

Donnie Yen (an Action Star) and Full Size Pickup Lead the Strongest Pickup Matrix of "5 POERs and 3 Bullets"

"Big FUN of Kung Fu POERs": In the Auto Shanghai 2021 , Donnie Yen, an action movie star, arrived at the GWM Pickup booth and made the place erupt. The strongest pickup matrix on land of the "5 POERs and 3 Bullets" made an amazing debut, jointly performing the true "Kung Fu" of China's pickups. The matrix is composed of the GWM Full Size Pickup, Huo (Chinese name for Fire) POER, Trip POER, Passenger POER, Off-road POER, Commercial POER, Heidan( Chinese name for Black Bullet), Longdan (Chinese name for Dragon Bullet) and Huodan (Chinese name for Fire Bullet).

At the auto show, GWM Full Size Pickup was first launched in the world, and naming and co-creation activities were also started. The new vehicle is built on the "TANK platform". With the deepest Oriental inspiration, the most subversive future technology, the most luxury private space and the most intelligent all-terrain off-road vehicle, a new category of "full size smart travel pickup" will be created to open up the era of China's full size pickups, completely breaking the monopoly of imported full size pickups in China, and rewriting the market pattern of global luxury pickups.

At the same time, GWM Pickup officially released the "POER " plan and the IP image of "POER doll". GWM POER brand will be divided into POER series with "mass-produced basic vehicle and special purpose vehicle" as the core, and Dan(bullet)series with "personalized co-creation modified vehicle" as the core, fully meeting the needs of pickup players.

WEY Brand Creates "Mocha Day" Firstly and Annabel Yao Becomes the First Person in "Automatic Driving Show"

WEY, the new generation of intelligent vehicle brand, opened the pre-sale event of "Intelligent WEY Future" Mocha in the Auto Shanghai 2021. Mocha, the brand-new flagship model with "COFIS" intelligent system, launched for pre-sale.

On the spot, WEY brand started the "Automatic Driving Show" first. Annabel Yao, a spokesperson of WEY brand and the chief intelligent experience officer of the Mocha, was invited to go on stage. Through gestures, the Mocha was started, commanded forward, commanded backward and other operations, so as to complete a wonderful show. With a "1,000km highlight video", the "Mocha Power" is fully displayed at the level of "intelligent driving, so as to prove new positioning of " WEY new generation of intelligent vehicle".

ORA Builds a Magical World, and Zhang Binbin, the Prince of Cat, Unveils Punk Cat and Lightning Cat

Live up to the times in the name of love. In the Auto Shanghai 2021, ORA has created a fantastic princess castle on the unique user created Web celebrity booth, welcoming a new idol of the Mao(Cat) family. In the romantic magic world, ORA fully demonstrated the brand attitude of "the automobile brand that cares woman most in the world".

Shandian Mao(Chinese for Lightning Cat), the ORA flagship model, has shone on the stage. It has accelerated from 0 to 100 for less than 4 seconds. It is equipped with frameless doors, concealed door handles, automatic lifting tails, have both the appearance and vitality. It adopts high-performance cobalt-free batteries and the sporty orientation adjustment based on the latest technology of L.E.M.O.N. platform, redefining the supercar world.

At the auto show, Zhang Binbin, the Prince of Cat, visited the booth to unveil the brand-new retro model named as Pengke Mao(Chinese name for Punk Cat). The vehicle integrates the retro aesthetic design and the forward-looking intelligent technology, which fully meets the needs of the new generation, which shift from functional to personalized consumption. Like an elf with space-time magic, it can bring you to the fantastic princess castle at any time, and experience the happiness of being treated gently by the whole world.

In the first independent show of TANK Brand, Zhang Hanyu and "Double King Bombing" Flagship Show the Tenderness of tough Man

"Tenderness of Tough Man and Full Firepower": TANK brand broke the ground with the innovative category of "Off-road SUV," officially declaring its independent operation. In 2025, the global sales volume will hit 500,000 units, ranking first in the market share of off-road SUV in China and challenging the first off-road SUV brand in the world.

Zhang Hanyu, the spokesman, arrived at the scene and interpreted the value proposition of the TANK brand "Tenderness of Tough Man." In the future, the TANK brand will focus on users' extreme pursuit of strong off-road SUV, intelligent technology, comfort and luxury, break the brand ceiling jointly built by joint ventures and foreign investors, and lead China's independent brands upward.

In the conference, the luxury commercial flagship TANK 800 and the armor technology flagship TANK 700 were first launched worldwide. Among them, TANK 800 creates a top-level luxury experience with exquisite and luxury design, top-level selected materials, strict process details, all-round business business class space and advanced intelligent interaction. TANK 700 combines a unique wild armor appearance with luxury and comfortable interior trims to perfectly interpret the design philosophy of brand compatibility, and bring an indulgent off-road experience.

Led by 3.0T+9AT/9HAT, Five Major Parts Companies Show GWM Technology Ecology

In Auto Shanghai 2021, the five major parts companies under GWM, including FTXT, HYCET, Exquisite Auto, NOBO AUTO and MIND, have also appeared, showing the ecology of "GWM Technology" with the integration of clean, intelligent and networking technologies.

FTXT systematically demonstrates systematic solution of the hydrogen power, which strongly supports the implementation and commercial promotion of GWM hydrogen energy strategy. HYCET 3.0T+9AT/9HAT super powertrain will make its international debut. Exquisite Auto brings 18 core technologies, such as, chassis by wire EA4.0 and electric drive system. NOBO AUTO launches iNest 2.0 intelligent cockpit, displaying various intelligent and lightweight supporting components. New MIND Business Division first appears, and brings the future lighting system, MIND electrical system and other technology products, fully demonstrating the profound accumulation of GWM in various technical fields.

With over ten brand-new models, and dozens of cutting-edge core technology, the "5 + 5" super carrier composed of the five major vehicle brands of GWM and the five major parts companies has emerged! In the future, GWM will continue to make major breakthroughs with clustered maneuver operations and the "super carriers" aiming at the global automobile market, and stand in the center of the world stage as a "global mobility technology company."