South Africa: Haval Motors Has Arrived

Internationally renowned SUV brand Haval Motors South Africa has made its formal arrival on local shores on 31 May 2017 at a glittering event which showcased their desire to impress. And impress it did… Newly renovated Kyalami International Race Track was the stage for the unveiling of the vehicle which Haval Motors South Africa believes will take the South African market by storm, the Haval H2.

Luxurious setting Known for being the premium and superior SUV brand of China, Haval Motors South Africa introduced its entry level Haval H2 for sale with an eye on succeeding in what is known as one of the South African automotive industry’s most competitive segments, the compact SUV range.

And being internationally recognised for its premium levels of luxury, only a spectacular and glittering unveiling of the Haval H2 seemed fitting for the brand. And that’s exactly what took place.

From a magnificent laser show showcasing the detailed development of the Haval H2, a short film made especially for the occasion to showcase Haval’s industry strength, right down to the settings for the guests, everything was in perfect order so it aligns with the brand’s image of perfection in every step.

“Haval employees ensure that each individual setting looked exactly right by measuring the distance from the plate to the cutlery and notepads. Everything had to be mill metrically perfect,” according to Tyrone Alberts, the National Sales Manager of Haval Motors South Africa.

Reassuring quality Garnering years of experience, Haval Motors spent years analysing the South African market to better understand the consumer’s needs and expectations so Haval Motors South Africa may meet and surpass the expectations of the market. And with some of the following amazing features, it’s clear that the Haval H2 will make great strides in the highly competitive compact SUV segment.

“Haval currently has 75 000 employees worldwide, has the capacity to produce more than one-million vehicles per annum, and has been the best-selling SUV brand in China for 14 consecutive years,” as stated by Tyrone Alberts, the National Sales Manager of Haval Motors South Africa.

“Haval China is fully dedicated to supporting the South African market and is expecting to make serious in-roads into the local SUV market, selling quality vehicles at extremely reasonable prices.”

Emphasising on the basis that Haval Motors South Africa are looking to become a cornerstone of the South African SUV segment, Alberts made no secret of Haval Motors South Africa’s intention.

“We at Haval Motors South Africa are very proud of our brand, and appreciate just how important our customers are. It's imperative that they know they can have peace of mind purchasing a Haval, which we expect to become a brand to be reckoned with on the local front.”

Driving cuisine After the unveiling took place and the specifications were announced, guests were treated to a spectacular lunch prepared by Kyalami’s dedicated chefs. Again, only the best can be aligned with the H2 so Haval Motors South Africa pulled out all the stops to impress with premium cuisines that spoke about how Haval intends on blending it’s known quality and craftsmanship with a hint of South African familiarities.

Lunch over, the guests could finally hit the track and put the Haval H2 through its paces. Eagerly lining up, each person had the opportunity to experience the Haval H2’s formidable performance, silk-like ride quality and engaging driving experience all while nestled comfortably in the premium surroundings. As the sun set on a day filled with excitement, one question remained on everyone’s lips. How expensive is this luxurious driving experience?

Pricing A premium SUV featuring so many creature comforts and luxurious items must surely come at a price considering the current market valuations and level of specification on the Haval H2. Luckily for the South African consumer, Haval Motors South Africa introduced the model range with highly competitive prices.

H2 1.5T City 6M/T R244 900 H2 1.5T City 6A/T R274 900 H2 1.5T Premium 6M/T R254 900 H2 1.5T Premium 6A/T R289 900 H2 1.5T Luxury 6M/T R274 900 H2 1.5T Luxury 6A/T R309 900

*All Haval H2 models come standard with a 5-year/100 000km warranty, 5 Year/60 000km service plan and 5 year/unlimited km roadside assistance.