"New HAVAL" Brings F Series to Auto China, Leading Trend of Upgrading SUV Consumption

On April 25, Auto China 2018 kicked off. With the theme of "NEW HAVAL", HAVAL, the "SUV leader", brought its brand-new product line F series, H4, H6 Coupe, H6, H7 (2018 version) , H9-8AT and other major models to the show, leading a new trend of Chinese SUV market upgrade against the background of new consumption.

F Series SUV Made its First Appearance, with Intelligent, Satisfying Personalized Demands

HAVAL's brand-new F series was unveiled and the first product F5 made its appearance, becoming a focus on HAVAL Stand at the exhibition. Compared with H series, F series, targeted for intelligent interconnection, young people and fashion, is provided with more diversified technical, comfortable and safe configurations. With more young and sports elements integrated in style design, F series has covered more markets and target consumers for HAVAL, leading broader SUV market space.

"While meeting basic travel demands of users, F series will better serve as an automobile consumption product with the function of value bearing, reflecting a unique value orientation of users. F series boasts personalized performances better than counterparts in current market, from diversified intelligent technical configurations to appearance highlighting fashion and sports elements as well as interior design and comfortable experience such as music", according to Ramon Ginah, brand designer and style director of HAVAL. With the increase of young buyers of the post-90s generation, intelligent technology and individuality have become the elements pursued by them who take vehicle more as a partner than as a tool on a gradual basis. As a SUV leader, HAVAL has a good insight into market change in advance and launches F series in good time, leading the consumption trend of young people.

"Mr. Ramon Ginah said that F5, an F series pioneer based on HAVAL's concept vehicle Concept R, will build a product concept of "sports, fashionable and exquisite SUV" and create an image of "youth & vitality, delicate taste and enjoyable driving" by virtue of its intelligent and sports orientation. "F5 is designed for the young consumers who focus on fashion, pursue entertainment and enjoyment, and have their own unique value standard. These young people express individuality, advocate freedom, enjoy current moment and prefer an independent environment for car use. Meanwhile, they prefer to show their personality and taste through vehicle, so they pursue a car embodying themselves."

Product Iteration and Updating Realizes Revolutionary Development of Power Technology

At the press conference, HAVAL launched two models (luxury model and ultra-luxury model) of H6 with brand-new configurations. Such two models are provided with 1.5GDIT+7DCT powertrain. The Blue version is equipped with a new-style air-inlet grille, trims in the foglight area and exhaust layout for the face, making the vehicle more fashionable and dynamic on the whole and be of dazzling style of SUV. Based on active safety configurations, the model has been diversified further and provided with a semi-automatic parking system, adaptive cruise control (ACC), multi-view (360°) camera system, forward collision warning (FCW) system and autonomous emergency brake (AEB) system, making driving safer, more intelligent and convenient.

Cohen Klem engine R&D director of Great Wall Motor (GWM), gave detailed descriptions on technical advantages of 1.5GDIT engine and wet-type 7DCT, and expressed that "New HAVAL" brand-new powertrain is not a simple power upgrade, but a revolutionary development of upgrading both power and fuel consumption in a real sense.

The 1.5GDIT engine independently developed by GWM, with a maximum power of 124kW/5000-5600rpm and a maximum torque of 285Nm/1400-3000rpm, owns 92 national patents. In addition, the engine was evaluated as one of the ten best engines by "China Engine" in 2017. The engine is of continuously variable valve lift (CVVL) which is currently adopted by a few brands such as BMW in the world. While improving engine power by 12.7% and peak torque by 35.7%, the technology allows fuel consumption to be reduced by 8.4%.

The 7DCT, one of the "world's ten best engines", was also independently developed by GWM and superior to joint venture products of its kind in terms of compact space design, modular and integrated design of the whole box, so it can be used for all models. With the design of wide narrow gears and fine and high gears, the engine has an axial load length of transmission of only 375mm and torque-weight ratio of 5.42 and adopts system-level weight target management, reaching a leading level in the world. Meanwhile, the engine weighs 83kg (including oil) and has transmission efficiency up to 95%, with running noise 10dB lower than counterparts.

Promote International Cooperation and Market Expansion to Build an International "New HAVAL"

At the show, both the media and the public can also experience in advance the achievements of international cooperation of GWM with BOSCH group in automobile intelligence, networking and "smart home". Users of GWM can not only connect and control BOSCH appliances with home interconnection functions through their mobile phones, but can also directly check the operation of the appliances through the car's onboard system. In the future, GWM and BOSCH group will deepen their cooperation in the Internet of Vehicles and "smart home", providing consumers with more precise and personalized "smart home" solutions and "Steering To A New Era" together.

Professional media reporters from countries such as Russia, Australia, South Africa and Argentina also became the international elements under the spotlight on HAVAL stand. They traveled thousands of miles, hoping to bring the latest products and technical trend of HAVAL SUV at Auto China to their consumers.

In recent years, HAVAL has actively responded to China's "Belt and Road" Initiative and made arrangements in international market, in a bid to build an international "new HAVAL". Currently, HAVAL has exported cars to Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and many other countries and regions, and set up subsidiaries in Russia, Australia and South Africa respectively to operate HAVAL brand independently. In 2017, Great Wall Motor exported 39,168 cars, with a year-on-year growth of 125.38%. From January to April in 2018, the number of Great Wall Motor's exported cars is expected to hit over 15,000, with a year-on-year growth of 54%. Meanwhile, HAVAL's overseas KD plants are also making efforts: in addition to KD plants in Ecuador and Malaysia that have been put into operation, preparations have been made for a plant in Tula, Russia.本届北京车展的主题是"定义汽车新生活(Steering To A New Era)".

The theme of the Auto China is "Steering to A New Era". Against the backdrop that Chinese automobile market sees a quick upgrade and SUV becomes more popular by surpassing sedan, the auto show indicates that whether the birth of F series or frequent update of H series products, "NEW HAVAL", with the sign of mastering intelligence and core technologies, is providing target consumers with new life value beyond basic travel functions in terms of product and brand by means of quick R&D and application of cutting-edge technologies and product upgrade, as well as wider international expansion.