Looking for a New Set of Wheels for the New Year? Take a Look at New Bakkie Specials

The New Year is almost here and if you are planning on starting the year off with a new set of wheels, then you will want to visit a GWM dealership and have a look at the new bakkie deals and daily specials.

GWM M4 This compact SUV will take you through bustling city streets and across stunning landscapes in style. With a comfortable interior and a range of entertainment features, this vehicle is guaranteed to make any road trip an exciting one. Starting at R189 900, the GWM M4 comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. It also comes with standard and optional service plans.

GWM Steed 5 Whether you opt for the single or the double cab, you won’t be disappointed. The single cabs are tough workhorses and designed for hard work. The single cab Steed 5 comes with comfort features such as power steering and air-conditioning which enables you to do your work without breaking a sweat. The Steed 5 double cab is designed for adventure and exciting family road trips. Starting from R189 900, you can get a reliable and stylish set of wheels without breaking the bank.

GWM Steed 5E With a tough, sophisticated exterior and a stylish, refined interior, the Steed 5E is the ideal leisure-orientated double cab bakkie for motorists. Complete with safety features and a range of comfort and entertainment options, the Steed 5E will make any journey – no matter how long – a pleasant one. Starting from R234 900, the price is only just one of the many attractive things about this vehicle.

GWM Steed 6 The Steed 6 is designed for motorists who refuse to settle for anything but the best. With power, advanced safety features and a range of other luxuries, the Steed 6 will make a huge impression wherever you go. The Steed 6 is available from R299 900. If you are looking for a vehicle which best suits your lifestyle, visit a GWM dealership and have a look at the new bakkies for sale today.