GWM POER Pickups are launched in Bahrain—A beautiful encounter between strength and splendid scenery

When it comes to the Middle East, the first things that come to the mind of many people are petroleum, desert and severe heat. However, different from other Middle East countries, Bahrain, a small country known as the "Pearl on the Persian Gulf", is renowned for its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate all year round. On February 14, GWM POER Pickups were launched in Bahrain. In the realm with rich cultural customs, modern science and technology enable a beautiful encounter between strength and splendid scenery, allowing a pleasant journey in the beauty of nature and inspiring wisdom and hope.

The launch activity was held online as activities with over 5 persons in public places are prohibited by the Government due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The unique charm of "GWM POER Pickups" was revealed by the experience shared by the figures of the automobile world who participated in the test drive.

At the launch conference, Mr. Hazim, a famous host of the Bahrain state television, was invited to introduce the configuration of GWM POER Pickups from all aspects. GWM POER Pickups feature strong and smooth power thanks to the cutting-edge 2.0L turbocharged engine+ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox, as well as other configurations including mobile phone interconnection, 360° all-around view, open sunroof, keyless entry + one-button start, intelligent cockpit, self-adaption cruise and L2 automatic drive. From intelligent safety to comfort, gorgeousness and off-road configuration, GWM POER Pickups fully exhibit their advantages of multifunctional properties and are suitable for every scenario.

Mr. Salah, a champion racing driver of Bahrain, drove the first GWM POER Pickup in excitement and shared his experience with his fans. From the perspective of a professional racing driver, Mr. Salah spoke highly of the comfort and maneuverability of the GWM POER Pickup. The GWM POER Pickups are capable of conquering some special road conditions, restrained as tool cars and suitable for diversified applications such as travel, shopping and commuting.

GWM Brand Manager Mr. Hussain introduced the GWM Pickups, the leading pickup brand in China, systematically. In the Middle East, GWM Pickup models evolved from Deer to Wingle to the new generation of POER. In the upgrading process towards intelligent safety highlighting reliability and durability, GWM Pickups have been winning more customer trust.

The news about the launch is reported by 5 mainstream media including Gulf daily news, Al-Ayam and Akhbar Al-Khaleej. It is expected that more GWM POER Pickups will be seen on the streets and lanes of Bahrain and in the life of local people before long.