GWM Pickup wins the 2020 Top Ten Best-Selling Models in Ecuador

Recently, the Ecuador Automobile Association released the top ten best-selling models in 2020, and the GWM Pickup was successfully shortlisted by right of its strong performance. According to statistics, in 2020, GWM Pickup ranked second in the industry of Ecuador (the first in Chinese brands), and sixth in single model in all categories, moving up 4 places in comparison with 2019, with a pickup market share of over 20%, owing to which a strong China Storm and a trend sweeping the market are being formed.

GWM Pickup was successfully shortlisted by right of its excellent product power and adaptability. The GWM Pickup is sweeping the market in Ecuador, bringing a storm of Chinese pickup to the market and forcing the traditional superior brands to gradually fade out of the market. In 2021, it's expected that more new models will be put on the market, and the day to challenge the first in the market is in sight.

GWM has insisted on the localized operation for a long-term in the local area and finally achieved the breakthrough in sales. Since entering the Ecuadorian market in 2009, GWM has been in the local area for 11 years, with more than 500 employees in the local dealers and assembly plants, and has occupied an important position in the local economic activities, with a broad sense of identity in the eyes of local people. The long-term development concept of GWM meets the local development needs. The localization policy not only gives the local consumers the preferential treatment and convenience, but also provides the public with a sense of security and confidence to overcome difficulties under the epidemic situation.