GWM launches "ORA" brand to enter new energy vehicle market in full stride

On August 20, 2018. - Great Wall Motor (GWM) New Energy officially launched its all-new independent brand of new energy vehicles. ORA is the first of the mainstream car companies to brand its new energy car business. The ORA iQ, a pure electric crossover SUV, will be launched at the Chengdu Auto Show. This is another major move by the Great Wall Motor Group in the field of new energy after its joint venture with BMW.

Ning Shuyong, vice president of Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. and general manager of the new Ora brand, said: "The Great Wall Motor Group set up a new energy vehicle research group a decade ago. It has been developing electric vehicles for ten years and is dedicated to research and development. Great Wall insists on developing new energy vehicles. Instead of changing from oil to electricity, a bigger consideration is the healthy development of the new energy vehicle market."

ORA: "New Generation Electric Cars" for the New Urban Youth

Great Wall Motor named the new energy brand ORA, hoping to commemorate the world famous mathematician, Mr. Leonhard Euler. Mr. Euler is well known for his "Eulerian Theorem" and "Eulerian Formula". He did only make great contributions to the mathematics community, but also pushed mathematics into the physical field, including ballistics, rigid body mechanics, and fluid mechanics.

Great Wall Motor decided to use the "Ora" to name the new energy vehicle brand because mathematics is the foundation of human science and technology innovation, and also the core and premise of automobile design and research and development.

"ORA" means that Great Wall Motor will continue to be meticulous and insist on building great automobiles.

ORA: Open · Reliable · Alternative

ORA is the combination of Open, Reliable and Alternative:

Open: Open business model and cooperation to create a win-win scenario

Reliable: Reliable, high quality, hassle free mileage

Alternative: Non-traditional, born from pure electricity, intelligent network, automatic driving.

The logo of the ORA brand is derived from the exclamation mark, which means tribute and greetings, paying tribute to Mr. Euler, greeting the user and greeting the world. ORA hopes to bring a surprise to everyone, and at the same time represents the determination of Great Wall Motor to create amazing products for users.

ORA is positioned as a new era of electric cars as opposed to traditional internal combustion vehicles. ORA has the great production capability and can offer quality and safety that the current generation of traditional vehicles do not have. At the same time, it is a new energy independent brand compared to traditional car manufacturers, which combines the leading intelligent network technology.

ORA's vision for urban travel is to promote stylish, smarter and safer modes of travel. ORA aims to become a leader in electric cars. The target users of ORA are a new generation of urban youth. They have an open, friendly, blissful and confident attitude towards life. They love to accept challenges, rely on responsibility, have their own value judgments on life and work, and do not follow the trend. It is the new life of the Urban Youth.

Brand-New ME Platform Builds Three Major Models

In the past ten years, Great Wall Motor has invested more than R20 billion to study the development of cutting-edge technologies such as new energy, intelligent network and autonomous driving, and to create new energy exclusive platforms and series of products. "Doing the best in the same level" is the pursuit of ORA. As with Great Wall, the ME platform is the exclusive pure electric platform built by ORA. From chassis to interior and exterior, it combines the advanced technology of intelligent network connection, in space, safety and efficiency. On the other hand, a substantial breakthrough has been achieved.

Firstly, ORA maximizes the wheelbase that greatly improves the rear space. Secondly, it offers safety as the core:

Passive safety: The ratio of high-strength steel is used over 60% of the body, and thermoformed steel reaches 8 core body struts.

Active safety: The whole system comes standard with 6 airbags, joint automatic emergency braking system (AEB), and gradually introduces L4 level driving assistance. Electrical safety: Rigorous tests have been carried out for conventional cell punctures, extrusion and drops, and in the event of a collision, the vehicle power can be turned off within 60 milliseconds.

While ensuring safety, the ME platform uses a lightweight design. In terms of power, the ME platform uses a highly integrated electric-drive system with a density of 160Wh/kg, and a system efficiency of 97% allows a mileage of approximately 10km per kWh.

Based on the ME pure electric platform, ORA has created three products: The iQ, R1 and R2. Among them, iQ is the first model of ORA, positioned as a new pure electric compact crossover SUV, equipped with Fueng ternary lithium ion power batteries, a BorgWarner permanent magnet synchronous motor, for a cruising range of 360 kilometers. The overall design style of the iQ is simple and stylish, and filled with futuristic technology. In the interior design, the air-conditioning vents run through the left and right sides, and the sense of suspension created between the center console and the leather surface is the simple beauty that is favoured by young people today. The large rear seating space and the design of the hatchback luggage compartment have obvious advantages in the same type electric vehicle.

The R series models have achieved the lightest level, the longest cruising range, the largest space, the best workmanship, and the most intelligent interconnection. Cute retro ORA R1, positioned in the new generation of electric cars, has a stylish and cute design. The ORA R2, positioned as a smart electric car, has equally cute looks and is a little more sci-fi inspired.

Great Wall Motor's started their new energy strategy and research and development 10 years ago, bringing together the wisdom of technology and styling experts from many countries in China, Germany, Japan, Austria and South Korea.

Distribution of New Energy and Creation of Ecosphere

According to the plan, Great Wall Motor will adopt three technical routes of hybrid + pure electric + hydrogen fuel to build four platforms and four brands, and based on four platforms, each of them will be derived from a variety of products.

In addition to the ME platform, the high-end plug-in hybrid platform, the Pi4 platform, has been applied to the WEY P8 plug-in hybrid model. The core is to support the hybrid dual-axis drive technology, the front and rear axles can be completely decoupled, thus achieving three drive modes: front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The hydrogen-powered XEV platform is a dedicated platform for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Because of the commonality between electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles in the layout of components and power systems, the XEV project will develop a common platform for electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. In the future, the pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles of Great Wall Motors can be used from this platform. In addition, the joint venture between Great Wall and BMW will also create a new platform.

As the only member of the international hydrogen energy committee of the Chinese automobile brands, Great Wall Motor Group has established a hydrogen fuel research and development centre to build a hydrogen-powered XEV project platform, and will launch the first model on the new platform before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Future automotive technology and transportation technology will pay more attention to the connection of people, vehicles, roads and social environment, as well as integrated management and control. The Great Wall Motor Group adheres to the principle of openness and win-win in the field of intelligent network and autonomous driving. Great Wall Motors has cooperated with Huawei in the 5G field and cooperated with Baidu in autonomous driving.

In terms of autonomous driving, Great Wall Motor established an automatic driving test site at the Xushui Base, 34.6 kilometers from the core area of Xiong'an New District. It has a test environment such as V2X communication network and 5G/LTE-V/DSRC, high-precision maps and navigation base stations. It is equipped with special roads such as intersections, 5-way intersections, roundabouts and S-bends, analog overpasses and obstacle avoidance roads. More than 200 kinds of application scenarios can be created to fully simulate urban and suburban traffic conditions.

The world automobile industry is entering an era of truly subversive innovation. The Great Wall Motor Group has launched the "ORA" brand as its starting point and is fully committed to the field of new energy vehicles. This is the choice of the times and the inevitable development of history.

The Great Wall Motor Group, which has consistently adhered to the principles of building a vehicle, will live up to the times and bring more surprises to users and the market with technological innovation.