GWM Became the First Chinese Auto Enterprise Member of Hydrogen Council

Hydrogen Council issued its new comers on March 13. There are 6 steering committees like GWM, 3M and National Energy Administration and 5 supporting members like Hexagon. It should be noticed that GWM is the first Chinese automobile enterprise member of Hydrogen Council. Meanwhile, Audi, BMW, Daimler, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and other well-known multinational auto corporations are members of Hydrogen Council.

Hydrogen Council was set up in 2017 Davos World Economic Forum and it aims to promote development of hydrogen technology in global energy structure transition and curb global warming. In addition to famous automakers, Anglo American plc, Air Liquide (France), Iwatani, Linde, Shell, Statoil, Total, etc. are also members of Hydrogen Council.

Hydrogen Council believes that with ever-increasing attention paid to hydrogen energy by governments and investors of global countries, widespread application of hydrogen technology is expected to get a decisive breakthrough in next five to ten years. It is predicted through research that by the middle of this century, hydrogen energy is expected to meet 18% of global energy demands, help to reduce 6Gt carbon dioxide emissions, create a gross output of USD 2.5 trillion, and offer 30 million jobs. Activities held by Hydrogen Council become parts of major international events, including World Economic Forum, Climate Week NYC, "One Planet, One Blue Sky" Summit, COP23, etc., and their participants are heads of countries and governments.

Wei Jianjun, as the Chairman of the first Chinese auto enterprise member of Hydrogen Council, believes that hydrogen will play a critical role in energy and transportation fields in China, even in the world. Hydrogen energy, as a carrier of renewable energy and clean energy of HFCVs, can help humans to utilize intermittent energy as renewable energy and realize true zero-emission traffic. Facing such important tasks as easing air pollution and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, China is expected to be the leader of a renewable energy society of the world. Through being a member of Hydrogen Council, GWM will assume corresponding responsibilities and make contributions to establishing a global hydrogen society.

It is known that auto electrification, including development of vehicles with hydrogen cell as power system, has become one of the R&D cores of GWM. GWM has dedicated himself to developing high-power FCVs which will enjoys such advantages as low-cost design, light-weight vehicle body, high energy efficiency and low carbon emission. Through building a world-class team of experts and a top hydrogen test center, GWM has focused on technical research and development in such aspects as hydrogen production, hydrogenation and fuel cell drive system, striving to manufacture highly competitive products in China and even the world.

From signing Letter of Intent to set up a new energy vehicle company with BMW, launching the R&D Center in Austria to going to release pure electric vehicle brand in Beijing Auto Show, GWM has walked faster in the field of new energy and 2018 will witness its rapid development.