Great Wall Motor makes official brand launch in Thailand

Great Wall Motor (GWM) gestured “SAWASDEE THAILAND” to officially launch GWM brand to the Thai market and greet Thai people with livestream showcase of its cutting-edge technologies.

● A livestream showcase of cutting-edge innovations greeted Thailand and underscored GWM’s positioning as the “Global Mobility Technology Company.”

● Key strategies were announced for its Thai operation: 1) xEV Leader; 2) Consumer Voice Focus; and 3) New User Experience.

● Four models from two GWM brands, HAVAL and ORA, were confirmed to hit Thai showrooms this year, starting with Thai people’s favorites, All New HAVAL H6 and ORA Good Cat.

● GWM leads the upgrade towards next-generation automotive industry with its “Smart Factory” that integrates advanced technology with eco-friendly production processes.

Bangkok (February 9, 2021) – Great Wall Motor (GWM) gestured “SAWASDEE THAILAND” to officially launch GWM brand to the Thai market and greet Thai people with livestream showcase of its cutting-edge technologies. The event is consisted of GWM’s announcement of three core business strategies: 1) xEV Leader; 2) Consumer Voice Focus; and 3) New User Experience. To mark its inroads into Thailand, GWM also launched two highly popular models that are much anticipated among Thais, namely All New HAVAL H6 and ORA Good Cat. The company aims to create a new consumer experience in multiple dimensions and support the rise of Thailand as the EV industry leader in ASEAN.

Following consistent communication with its Thai audiences over the past year, GWM took auspices just ahead of Chinese New Year to say Sawasdee to Thai people in an eventful livestream with prizes worth over a million baht. Led by Elliot Zhang, President, and Steven Wang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Great Wall Motor ASEAN and Thailand alongside Managing Director Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director, Great Wall Motor Thailand, the event provided an overview of GWM’s Thai operation and unfolded its business strategies for the Thai market.

Elliot Zhang, President, Great Wall Motor ASEAN and Thailand, said, “GWM has built growing success in China over the past 30 years, particularly in the market segments for SUVs and pickup trucks. We have been expanding to overseas markets across the world and built our distinctive product DNAs that won recognition of nearly ten million users worldwide. On top of production excellence to ensure delivery of the finest automobiles to consumers, we play an industry-shaping role through our development focus on advanced electrification technologies and innovations for sustainable mobility future and better living of people across the world. GWM took the lead in R&D of key technologies such as 5G, autopilot, and V2X. We also develop our own technologies including GWM LEMON, GWM TANK, and GWM COFFEE INTELLIGENCE that enrich driving experience of the consumers.”

He also added, “GWM makes our global business presence with four key brands—HAVAL, ORA, WEY, and GWM Pickup—to address diverse lifestyle preferences of the customers. Thanks to our globalization strategy, GWM is today present in more than 60 markets across the world. Our “12+5” global manufacturing system boasts 12 full-scale production bases, including the newest one in Rayong, Thailand, plus five KD (knock-down) assembly plants outside China. A strong GWM network of R&D centers spans across ten cities in seven countries worldwide, working behind our success and capability to deliver high-quality automobiles that combine modern technology with innovation, as reflected by annual sales volume that hit our all-time high with 1.11 million units sold globally last year.”

In one of its most recent milestones, GWM became the world’s first company to develop cobalt-free battery production based on cell lamination and high-speed stacking technology of prismatic battery cells. Launched officially in 2020, the new cobalt-free NMx battery underscored GWM’s excellence in clean technology R&D alongside its strong commitment to the environment, especially CO2 reduction efforts and contribution to sustainable ecosystem development for a better world.

GWM’s expansion into Thailand and Southeast Asia kicked off last year with establishment of its Rayong plant as a “Smart Factory” that marries state-of-the-art production technology with eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director, Great Wall Motor Thailand, revealed, “Last year was a challenging time for every business, but growth opportunities do exist amid challenges. GWM values the voice of Thai people. We did surveys and gathered consumer insights to cater our business plans and operations to the demands of Thai consumers, which resulted in our three key business strategies.”

He added on GWM Thailand Strategies:

xEV Leader – Mission “9 in 3” will see GWM introducing nine different models to the Thai market in three years. Nearly all of them will be electric vehicles, creating a lineup that will breathe new life into Thailand’s automobile scene with technology and performance that redefine driving enjoyment and value for money towards the future.

Consumer Voice Focus – GWM highly prioritizes the voice of Thai consumers and has been listening to them since the earliest days the company stepped into Thailand. While advanced technologies have made it easier for a carmaker to hear directly from consumers what have to say, GWM strategically grounds its business plans, marketing approaches and service operations on consumer voice to ensure improvement and enriched services in every aspect and the ability to meet expectations of Thai consumers in the best manner.

New User Experience – Based on consumer voice, a new user experience was conceptualized via design thinking process to redesign customer journey; from product research and model comparison, test driving, buying decision, financial service, car delivery, and after-sales service through to brand-customer relationship via O2O (online-to-offline) activities. Thailand is the first market that GWM implements this strategy to set a new benchmark of customer satisfaction. The New User Experience strategy is based on three beliefs: 1) Best Choice : customers wish to be able to make the best choice themselves; 2) Transparency : customers expect straightforward and transparent product presentation; and 3) Happiness & Loyalty : customers want to be happy and enjoy good brand experience throughout product ownership and will share out this happiness by word of mouth.

Another highlight at the event is announcement of cars that GWM will market in Thailand. Its product lineup is being spearheaded with models that have garnered enthusiastic responses from Thai consumers: All New HAVAL H6 from SUV brand HAVAL, and ORA Good Cat from EV brand ORA. In addition to these two models, GWM plans to delight Thai fans with arrival of two other models from these two brands within this year.

All New HAVAL H6 is the latest generation of the best-selling SUV in China and a very successful SUV globally. This ALL New HAVAL H6 will be the latest HAVAL H6 Generation3. HAVAL brand has continued to remark its cumulative sales with the total of six million units so far and its annual sales reached an all-time high last year. This new SUV brings together advanced technologies and innovations in a striking design.

ORA Good Cat is the first battery electric vehicle that GWM will launch to the Thai market following enthusiastic response from the media and Thai consumers from across online channels. It will set a new standard as a high-quality, technology-packed car with appealing retro futurism design for Thai people.”

He also emphasized on GWM’s commitments, determination, and sincerity in offering and delivering the best-in-class products and services to Thai people as well as the readiness in effectively setting the new standards for Thai automotive industry.

To celebrate GWM’s brand launch, the event featured appearance of celebrity couple Rasri "Margie" Balenciaga and Patsarakorn "Pok" Chirathivat in GWM xEV World’s Battle against Anusorn "Yong Armchair" Maneeted, who was accompanied by his celebrity pet “Somyood” the Cat. The singing battle drew in supporting votes from Thai fans of both sides in an ambience filled with laughter and joy. The three encouraged Thai people to follow news and updates from GWM and look forward to the upcoming arrival of All New HAVAL H6 and ORA Good Cat together with them.

As the “Global Mobility Technology Company”, GWM will bring unmatched consumer experience to Thailand through its exciting lineup of new automobiles and intelligent technologies. The company is well-positioned to help drive Thailand’s EV ecosystem development, including skills, expertise and capability development of Thai workforce along with robust contribution to overall industry and economic development for sustainable growth of Thailand.

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